End of the year band update

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Subject: End of the year band update
Date: May 22nd 2020

Thank you parents for getting your children through the most confusing, strange, frustrating time I'm ever been through.  Let's hope our country, state and schools can get back to normal in the fall!!!

Grades- grades are done and now posted.  Please know that they don't completely reflect your child's playing ability, but more the effort and participation throughout this time.  Many students did great and really improved.  Many students needed to repeat exercises several times, but did eventually make progress (good job! It's hard doing that without the teacher right there).  Many students just got points for effort, but did not pass as many exercises as we would like to see.  Many students also waited until the very last day to submit assignments and there's not much helpful feedback Ms. Rhodes and I can offer at that point.  If you or your child would like to know where they stand in band class I'd be happy to e-mail or have a zoom meeting to talk about it.  It's a very bizarre way to just... end!  They did not receive any lower grade than their term 3 grade. 

NG- For those students who received NG for their grade it is because they did not do any assignments throughout the shut down.  Their semester grade is determined completely by their term 3 grade then.

8th graders- To my 8th graders I wish them the best.  I'm sorry that it ended this way, but we have over 85% of them continuing on at the high school level!  That's the largest amount in many years!!!

7th graders- They can ask me via e-mail if they want to know which band they're placed in and unless I've heard from a parent I'll see them next year!  8th grade is soooo much better (more fun) than 7th grade!!!  

SmartMusic- I imagine Canvas will be shut down soon, but SmartMusic will be available to the students until June 30.  Students can find all sorts of exercises and music.  They can review old exdercises or find new ones.  8th graders who are ready can find book 2 and get a jump start on next year!  Here is the link:


Codes are: Wind Ensemble: FJR3K-PCCJ6 Symphonic Band: ENKWQ-JVVMA Beginning Band: 4H4AQ-G7QZU Beginning Percussion: W37WE-NL24P

There will not be a return e-mail, but I can approve it, just let me know! 

Student Instruments- We have cleaned out all of the band lockers with instruments (books, papers still there).  If there was a student instrument left it has been sent down to the mall with the locker pick up.  If your child had an instrument at school please go to the locker pick-up next week at your assigned day and time.  Let them know when you pull up that your child has an instrument too.  I will be getting e-mails out to those parents this weekend as well.

School owned Instruments- If you are in 7th grade keep them for the summer and we'll deal with it next fall!  8th graders can keep their instruments until August if they plan on continuing next year in high school.  LN will not be able to get instruments out until August so I'm going to let kids keep FCV instruments to practice. If you are not continuing in band or you know you won't practice please turn in your school owned instrument next week at locker pick-up.  We need to get these instrumets sent in and cleaned/fixed for the incoming 7th graders joining band.

If you have any questions let me know. This will be the last listserve until we have news about next fall.  Good luck everyone and stay safe!!

Shannon Jones & Briana Rhodes

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