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Sent July 29th 2018

LN Parents & Runners, The first official week of high school LNXC practice begins this week! Practices will be held Monday-Friday at 4:00pm on the LN track. A physical must be on file in order to participate. See you all there! -Your Coaches ...

*FCV Track & Field Message

Sent June 13th 2018

*FCV Track & Field Message FUTURE LNXC families: Gearing up for another great year of LN Cross Country. If your son or daughter will be a freshman next year and are going to run XC, please be sure to attend the following: To start off the season, we'll be having a pitch in dinner Wednesday, June 20, 6 pm at Jenn Memorial Park (10450 E 63rd St, Indianapolis, IN 46236). We'll be at the shelter around the back of the dog park. Please click on the link below to RSVP and bring goodies. http://signup.com/go/ANNx...

*FCV Track & Field Message

Sent June 3rd 2018

*FCV Track & Field Message Sign up to run a 5K BUBBLE RUN with Coach Barsic on June 16th at the Fair Grounds! Sign up to join the "FCVXC" Team with the 8am heat-- Tonight it's only $20! Hurry!!! Barsic will be wearing the purple tutu and shirt! It's a fun run, so let's get crazy and have some fun! http://bubblerun.com/upcoming-locations/indianapolis/?gclid=CjwKCAjwo87YBRBgEiwAI1LkqZe5HHuQoMAMwenp1GdUvtjrYBuB7Z_D31Qxkp9Ua_L_7QPVoElMgBoCjHEQAvD_BwE ...

*FCV Track & Field Message

Sent May 22nd 2018

Bearcat Parents & Runners, DON'T FORGET:  This WEDNESDAY 5/23 @ 6:30pm- FCV ATHLETIC AWARDS NIGHT! Come on out to honor your athlete! We have a pitch-in @ 5:30pm before the ceremony in the cafeteria as well. 8th graders provide a main dish, 7th grade- side dish, and 6th grade- dessert.   ALSO---- LN SUMMER CAMPS- Here is a link to find out more information about all of the summer camps available at LN this summer!  CHECK IT OUT! See you on Wednesday! -Your Coaches ...

*FCV Track & Field Message

Sent May 19th 2018

*FCV Track & Field Message Bearcat Parents & Runners, GREAT MEET TODAY! We are waiting on an email with a copy of all of the individual results, but here are the team results that we do have: FINAL TEAM RESULTS BOYS 1-CGC 126 2-EW 72 3- CGN 66 4- GC 60 5- FCV 44 GIRLS 1-CGN 82 2-FCV 74 3- NA 71 ...

*FCV Track & Field Message

Sent May 18th 2018

Bearcat Parents & Runners, 1. REMINDER: NO PRACTICE TONIGHT! If you are going to the 8th grade dance please make good decisions about what you eat, get some rest that night, and do NOT over exhaust yourself!  YOU'VE GOT A HUGE MEET THE FOLLOWING MORNING! 2. PRELIM Times & places of participants who advanced from yesterdays meet have been updated on the DEPTH CHART.  3. Be sure to get plenty of rest tonight and eat a healthy breakfast tomorrow morning- Including some sort of carbohydra...

*FCV Track & Field Message

Sent May 15th 2018

Bearcat Parents and Runners, GREAT JOB LAST NIGHT!  The boys & girls both won the 6-way invitational, the girls are STILL undefeated and the boys 4x800 team broke their own record for the fourth time!   A FEW REMINDERS FOR THE WEEK AHEAD: 4. ONLY THE MIIC RUNNERS WILL RUN THE REST OF THIS WEEK!  We can not stress enough that their attendance is MANDATORY this week and on Saturday.  Their absence is not fair to the team and all that we are trying to accomplish.  All other athletes ar...

*FCV Track & Field Message

Sent May 14th 2018

Bearcat Parents & Runners, REMINDER: Tonights track meet will be ran at Belzer instead of Franklin @ 5:15pm!  Check the DEPTH CHART to see if your athlete will be traveling today or not. ALSO- With the number of athletes and spectators who will be at the discus pit tonight, Belzer would like to keep the area as clear as possible for coaches and athletes. Parents are to watch from inside the tennis courts which are located right next to the throwing area. It will help keep the area around the net clear so th...

*FCV Track & Field Message

Sent May 11th 2018

*FCV Track & Field Message Bearcat Parents & Runners, Don't forget... OPTIONAL PRACTICE @ FCV tomorrow morning from 8-9am :) See you there! -Coach Barsic ...

*FCV Track & Field Message

Sent May 11th 2018

Bearcat Parents & Runners, Check out the DEPTH CHART to find out who is traveling to the 6-way invitational, Thursday MIIC Prelims, and Saturday MIIC Finals!  Their PR's are listed in the events they are scheduled to run.  If an "A" is next to their times, that means they are an alternate for that race and still need to be present for the events.  These are the only runners who will attend practice next week.  WHAT A GREAT SEASON!  TWO MORE TO GO!!!!!!! See you on the track!...

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