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Parent Teacher Conferences

Sent September 17th 2017

Hi all! Our players represented FCV in an outstanding manner yesterday. Boys narrowly lost in the second round to Northview and the girls almost made it past Center Grove Central to reach the finals. All the players had excellent attitudes during match play, were respectful of their opponents, and cheered on their team supportively. I am so proud of all of them! Shout out to all our parents who brought signs, tents, tables, chairs, blankets, snacks, sandwiches, and hydration! Thank you for waking up before dawn to ma...

MIIC Tomorrow

Sent September 15th 2017

Hi parents and players going to the MIIC tomorrow, I apologize for the delay in this email, however, I wanted to anticipate some of your questions and make sure I had everything straight before sending it out. Here is the address for North Central: 801 E 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46240 Boys are to be at courts no later than 7:15 AM tomorrow. I have a coaches meeting at 7:30 AM so I will need to make sure all the boys are there before I go to that. Reylon unfortunately has an injury so the lineup will be as follo...


Sent September 13th 2017

Mother nature really doesn't want to give us a break these days! Tennis practice is cancelled due to the rain and puddles on the court. It'll give our players time to rest and be ready for some tough upcoming matches. Coach Conti ...

Snack for MIC

Sent September 13th 2017

Hi parents of players attending the MIC, I submitted the following lineup yesterday. Boys: Braden Yu, Kyle Manner, Will Paddock, Ryan Bakx & Evan Knott, Ben Woehler & Reylon McCollum. Alternate - Avery Jones Girls: Isabelle May, Kate Mouser, Abby Stephenson, Laila Smith & Marah Knolner, Sabrina Hardaway & Taylor Hodges. Alternate - Macy Crawshaw We have 3 tents (from Yu, Manner, and Smith families). The Yu's are also bringing a card table to put food one. If anyone has one more that'd be hel...

Snack Sign Up for remainder of season

Sent September 13th 2017

Please read the following information from Jennifer Stephenson: I have reviewed the snack sign-up for the remainder of the season. I signed up for both the main snack and the side item on 9/26, thinking that I would get some bagels or sandwiches and then use leftover granola bars. That leaves empty spots for the main snack on 9/21 and both the main and side item spots for 9/28. All other spots have been filled. Thank you all so much for your contributions to the team snacks so far this season. Many of you have covere...

Match Cancelled

Sent September 12th 2017

Match Cancelled Hi all, Tonight's match has been cancelled due to rain coming at 5 PM. See everyone tomorrow for practice. ...

MIC tentative lineup

Sent September 10th 2017

Hi all! We have the MIC tournament this Saturday. The tournament director said that only 7 players and 1 alternate are invited to the event. This is the tentative line up I have planned. Boys: Braden, Kyle, Will, Ryan, Evan, Ben, Reylon, Alternate -Avery Girls: Isabelle, Kate, Abby, Lailah, Marah, Sabrina, Taylor, Alternate - Macy Please let me know ASAP if your child cannot make it on Saturday. I have to send the finalized line up by this Wednesday at noon. It is an all day event starting in the morning and going ...


Sent September 8th 2017

Pictures Hi all, I wanted to pass along the link for the sports pictures. If your player did not complete an order form and you'd still like pictures you can order them from this site https://www.lifetouchsports.com See everyone Monday! Coach Conti ...

Parents please read & Beech Grove Match tomorrow

Sent September 6th 2017

Hi all!  We can't seem to catch a break between myself being sick and the weather not cooperating! We will complete challenge matches next Wednesday before the MIC tournament unless they need me to finalize the lineup sooner.  Parents please only give your players quick words of encouragement during matches (i.e. Nice shot! You got this! Good try!). Some players have brought it to my attention that they feel confused and nervous when parents are telling them strategy right before or during a match. Many...

Snack Sign Up and General Updates

Sent September 5th 2017

Hi all! Hope you had a nice Labor Day weekend! For this Thursday, we will need a snack for the Beech Grove match. Please email me if you originally sign up for this match in August and let me know if you can bring snack so we know it is covered. Also, there are some matches in later September that haven't been claimed yet. Please sign up a second time if you are able. The kids have really enjoyed the snacks!  Team pictures are this Friday directly after school. Players should wear their short sleeve uniform ...

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