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Andolz-Duron - 8th Grade SCI Spanish Immersion Message - ESPAƱOL / ENGLISH - PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES INVITE

Sent September 15th 2017

Greetings!   I hope this message finds you well!   On behalf of the whole IMMERSION TEAM, I would like to cordially invite you to Fall Creek Valley Middle School’s PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES! As you may have heard, these will take place on _Monday, September 18th, from 11:30 AM to 3 PM, and then again from 4 PM TO 7 PM_.    The conferences will be on a _WALK-IN_ /FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis ONLY. ***PLEASE NOTE THAT _MR. FESHOLD, _ our Social Studies teacher, will be ava...

Andolz-Duron - 8th Grade SCI Spanish Immersion Message- T4 FINAL TOMORROW

Sent May 22nd 2017

Greetings!   Just a friendly reminder that our TERM 4 FINAL will be on Tuesday.   A study guide was posted on Canvas last week, and hard copies have been provided during class.   Please make sure your student reviews before the test.    Thank you for all you do!!!! Sra. Durón 7th & 8th grade Science Immersion Fall Creek Valley Middle School  ...

Andolz-Duron - 8th Grade SCI Spanish Immersion Message - IN NEED OF PARENT VOLUNTEERS / SE OCUPAN VOLUNTARIOS

Sent May 17th 2017

Greetings!    Thank you to all that have already sent in pictures and donations for our reception!   We are also in need of PARENT VOLUNTEERS to help with the SET UP, SERVING and TEAR DOWN / CLEAN UP!    If you are interested and are able to help, please Nikki Willis, our parent committee chair, at   ¡Saludos!   Gracias por todas sus donaciones ...


Sent May 17th 2017

¡Saludos!  Espero se encuentren bien.   Les adjunto algunos anuncios de importancia con relación al fin de curso.    [*]Un pequeño recordatorio -- -_LA CEREMONIA DE GRADUACIÓN DE INMERSIÓN_ se llevará a cabo _MIÉRCOLES, 24 DE MAYO,  a las 5:30 de la tarde_, en el AUDITORIO de la Escuela Fall Creek Valley.  Tan pronto termine la ceremonia, pasaremos a la BIBLIOTECA para unos refrigerios.   Ya para las 7 de la tarde, se llevar&a...

Andolz-Duron - 8th Grade SCI Spanish Immersion Message- 21st Century Scholarship Info / Beca Academica Siglo 21 --- !!!!!!

Sent May 17th 2017

Please, please, please apply today for free money (scholarship). If your middle school child receives free or reduced lunch, there is a great chance he/she will qualify for 21st Century Scholars!!!  / Por favor considerar solicitar estas becas para su estudiante.  Hoy es el último día para solicitar.  Paga por una parte principal de los estudios universitarios.     Video about the program (English)

Andolz-Duron - 8th Grade SCI Spanish Immersion Message - FRIENDLY REMINDER--- IMMERSION GRADUATION & MISC ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!

Sent May 16th 2017

Greetings!  I hope this message finds you well!   As the end of the school year, and the end of your student’s middle school career, quickly approaches, here are some important announcements! [*]FRIENDLY REMINDER -- -_The IMMERSION GRADUATION CEREMONY_ will take place on WEDNESDAY, MAY 24TH, AT 5:30 PM, in the FCV AUDITORIUM.   After the Ceremony, we will gather for a short RECEPTION in the MEDIA CENTER.   That same evening, FCV will be recognizing 8th grade students’ aca...

Andolz-Duron - 8th Grade SCI Spanish Immersion Message- INFO FCV GRADUATION - WED., MAY 24TH @ 5:30 PM

Sent May 1st 2017

As we get ready for our FCV 8th Grade IMMERSION Graduation, we are wanting to collect photos you may have to SURPRISE  the students with a VIDEO at the graduation ceremony!!!    [planned for _Wed, May 24th, at 5:30 pm_] [*]NEED PICS -- Please look through your PHOTOS and see which student pictures you may be able to share. TIME FRAME – [*]_Preferably for the last 2 YEARS._   We want to focus on their _FCV experience_. We would also like to include pictures from their _trip to P...

Andolz-Duron - 8th Grade SCI Spanish Immersion Message-UPDATE MAY 1ST

Sent May 1st 2017

Greetings!   Here is what we are up to: 8th grade Science: [*]TEST ON THURSDAY (MAY 4) --- a) creating, analyzing and interpreting pedigrees; b) using Punnett squares to determine the probability of genotypes and phenotypes; c) identifying allele combinations for each family member on the pedigree [*]We have been reviewing in class, and have completed several review and reinforcement activities.  Ask your student to explain to you each one of the concepts. [*]Test has been announced in class since la...


Sent April 25th 2017

PLEASE SAVE THE DATE!!!!!    IMMERSION GRADUATION CEREMONY AND RECEPTION ---- WEDNESDAY, MAY 24TH, AT 5:30 PM, IN THE FCV AUDITORIUM!!!!!  (Electronic Invitations will be coming soon!!!!) In order to provide a _RECEPTION_ to celebrate this _SPECIAL MILESTONE_ for our _8th Grade IMMERSION_ students, we are asking Immersion families to please make a small monetary donation to cover the costs of cake, punch, decorations, etc. (Recommended donation amount is $5-$...


Sent April 13th 2017

Dear Parents, It was brought to my attention by several of you…Thank you!!!...that the dates were not clear for the 8TH GRADE FCV IMMERSION GRADUATION AND RECEPTION.    Please SAVE THE DATE!!!!  --- WEDNESDAY, MAY 24TH AT 5:30 PM in the FCV AUDITORIUM, immediately followed by the reception in the MEDIA CENTER. Thank you for reaching out to me, and giving me the opportunity to clarify this! Sra. Durón 7TH  & 8th grade Science Immersion Fall Creek Valley Middle School ...

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