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last pep band game tomorrow 2/21/17

Sent February 20th 2017

Tomorrow night is the last pep band game of the year!   I will not be in school tomorrow, but will be there at the end of the day to perform for the girls basketball game.  They will still get their pizza and then we'll play for the 7th grade game and until halftime of the 8th grade game.  We'll be done around 7:15-7:30pm.  If you need to get in contact with me I will be at school at the end of the day and read e-mail, but you can always call the main office 317-964-6600. Thanks, Shannon J...

No pep band this week 2/13/17

Sent February 13th 2017

There is no game or rehearsal this week for pep band! Last game is next Tuesday 2/21... I will NOT be in school that day for a variety of appointments, but I will be back for the game after school.  It is also the day after President's Day so the kids won't be in school to be reminded.  I will try to check my e-mail, but I have several appointments scheduled & don't know how often I will.  If you need to get in touch with me right away please call the main office 964-6600. Thanks, Shanno...

pop for tonight

Sent February 6th 2017

I realized when I got to school we only have 1 bottle of coke left.  Is there anyone that can go get 2 bottles of Coke, 2 bottles of Mt. Dew & 2 Bottles of Root Beer by the end of school?  I will pay you out of the band fund. Thanks, Shannon Jones Pep Band Director ...

Pep Band game Monday 2/6/17

Sent February 5th 2017

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!! We will be playing at the girls basketball game tomorrow after school.  We will rehearse & set up then play around 5:00pm.  We should be done around 7:15, no later than 7:30.  Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Shannon Jones Pep Band Director ...

Pep Band tonight 1/31/17

Sent January 31st 2017

My apologies (I seem to be doing that a lot lately) we have a game tonight!!!! If your child forgot their shirt, don't worry, have them stay and play anyway if they can.  (I forgot to remind my kid too!) Game starts at 5:15, we'll rehearse, eat then head out to the gym around 5.  I'm hoping we have enough material & lip we can make it to halftime of the 8th grade game (around 7).  As we saw last time, this also depends on whether the other team arrives on time.  If you need to pick ...

Symphonic Band did not get pep band announcement please text your child

Sent January 24th 2017

Again, my apologies, but it didn't get announced in 5th period Symphonic Band that we were cancelling Pep Band.  If your child has a phone please text them that the rehearsal is cancelled.   I've already asked to have it announced at the end of the day, but I know many classes don't hear all of the announcements quickly. Thanks, Shannon Jones ...

Cancelling pep band today 1/24

Sent January 24th 2017

My apologies parents, but I am cancelling pep band this afternoon.  I have been under the weather and barely made it through yesterday and spent most of last night coughing.  I'd rather not have a rehearsal where I'm miserable and not able to enjoy teaching them.  I'd rather let them focus on practicing at home... and I'd like them to please practice the National Anthem AND the songs at the end of the book.  They may see me for copies. Next week we play for our first girls game on T...

Pep band update 1/17/17

Sent January 17th 2017

Attached & below is the schedule for the rest of pep band season.  I've decided to cut out Wednesday rehearsals due to lower numbers and personal conflict with my daughter's rehearsals.  Anyone Wednesday students that can come on Tuesday would be great, but those who can't just keep practicing.  The only new song I will be handing out will be the National Anthem (the same one they played at LN last fall). I want to personally thank all of you for your support of your child and this progra...

Pep Band 2017

Sent January 8th 2017

Welcome back everyone! Next game is TUESDAY 1/10/17- The orignal schedule said Wednesday, 1/11/17 and this has been changed. Students will stay after school, eat & rehearse, then play at the game, which start time is 5:15.  Finish time will be 7ish.  I'm hoping we can make it to halftime of the 8th grade game, but I'm guessing lips may be a little worn out from having a lengthy break:)  Please be no later than 7:30. NO rehearsal on Wednesday 1/11/17- since the game on Tuesday, we will not reh...

Pep Band update

Sent December 20th 2016

No pep band again this week... Have a wonderful Holiday Break! New schedule in the new year!  Our next game is scheduled for Wednesday 1/11, but we need to cancel that night.  I'm hoping that we can perform on Tuesday 1/10 instead.  Please let me know if that's a problem.   Our last game for boys was scheduled on 1/18 (the following week), but that game has been cancelled.   I will work things out with Mr. Phelps and get a new schedule out when we get back in January, but the next game ...

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