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Mid term grades

Sent November 15th 2016

Dear Families, Mid-term reports will be coming home this Friday, and we want you to be aware of a couple of things. First, any student that is not completed with Chapter 2 will most likely receive an F because they haven't completed the test, which is currently overdue. We have given students many opportunities to get caught up, but not all students have made enough progress. We had students look at their current grade today, and we expect students that have an "F", to see us during Advisory as well as st...

*FCV 7th Grade Math Academy Message

Sent November 4th 2016

Dear families, Students should be finishing Chapter 2 this next week to keep on pace. This includes all highlighted lessons on their playlists, which you should be checking regularly to see that they are progressing. We have posted a progress grade. If it is not 100%, then your student is behind pace. Not many students are taking advantage of after-school tutoring on Tuesdays, which we have available every week from 4-5pm. There is a late bus available.  All students should be doing playlist work _at home_, espe...

*FCV 7th Grade Math Academy Message

Sent October 21st 2016

Academy Parents and Students: The Academy is running well and many students are excelling. However, we have some students who are falling behind. Many of those are not behind because they can't do the work, but because they are working too slowly and not doing anything outside of class time. As an incentive to get these students focused on progressing, we are introducing a progress grade into Skyward each week. This will begin Monday, October 24. Students will continue to work through the units as usual, but each we...

*FCV 7th Grade Math Academy Message

Sent October 7th 2016

Hello families, Conferences are being held on Tuesday, October 11, from 5PM-8PM and on Wednesday, October 12, 8AM-noon. There will be no after-school clubs, including math club, next Tuesday due to conferences.  We are aware of the communication problem between Canvas and Skyward (assignments showing as missing), and it is currently being resolved.  Mathematically yours, The Dream Team ...

Math Academy Message - 7th Grade

Sent September 23rd 2016

Dear Families, We are excited to say that students are really starting to progress in the math academy!  Students who are on standard 7th grade pace will be testing on Chapter 1 on Wednesday next week, and beginning chapter 2 towards the end of next week.  If your child is ahead of this target, they are in great shape so far! If your child does not have a notebook for math, we encourage you to get your child a notebook so they can keep their work together.  It helps us look over their work when they ha...

Middle term grade

Sent September 9th 2016

Dear Math Academy Parents: Midterms will be coming home today.  We want you to know that we have very few grades so far, and in fact, a few students have no grades at all yet.  It’s not because they are not working, it’s because they have not yet taken the first quiz.  Those that have taken that quiz and did not get above 70% are being asked to review and retake that quiz.  Many students are in that process here right at midterms and so may have a low grade printed, and are retaking the...

*FCV 7th Grade Math Academy Message

Sent September 2nd 2016

Dear Families, Please check your child's playlist for their progress.  Teachers have been initialing if students complete a lesson.  Students who are on pace should be at least on lesson 3 by now.  If not, we have been pulling them during their advisory classes to get them caught up.  As a reminder, math teachers are available after school on Tuesdays to get extra help.  Bus transportation is provided if needed.  Just let your child's master teacher know that you are ok with your ...




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