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Parent Conferences

Sent October 6th 2014

Good afternoon!  Today is the beginning of the second quarter.  So I want to make you aware of a few upcoming dates. Fall break is next week Monday, October 13th - Friday, October 17th. Parent conferences will be on Monday, October 20th.  I will be contacting some of you directly, but please feel free to contact me to schedule a conference.  Conferences will last for 10 minutes each.  I have conference times (10 minute increments) available from 11 am - 3 and from 3:30 - 6:30.  As parents ...

This Week in Pre-Algebra

Sent September 21st 2014

Good evening families!  The end of the first grading period is fast approaching.  First quarter will end on next Friday, October 3rd.  This week the regular Pre-Algebra classes will continue practicing two-step and multi-step equations.  The equations exam will be given on this THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25TH.  Due to the test being this week, most of the practice will be done in class so students will have very little homework leading up to Thursday. Advanced Pre-Algebra classes will continue work...

The Week in Pre-Algebra

Sent September 14th 2014

Good afternoon families!  I would like to let you know that every student has now been issued his or her own textbook.  Students will be expected to have their books in class each day and to be bringing them home when they have textbook homework assignments. This week students will continue working on equations.  We are moving from two-step equations to equations with like terms and parentheses.  Whenever we begin a new section students will be taking notes and writing down examples ...

This week in Ford's Pre-Algebra Class

Sent September 2nd 2014

Dear Families, Good afternoon!  I hope that the holiday weekend was well for all of you.  This week we will begin working on two-step equations.  Today we took notes in class, but there is no homework.  I will email homework assignments so that you know exactly what your child should be doing at home. I would like to ask that students have a notebook for their class notes.  Today I picked up a few pieces of loose paper left in the room that had notes written on them.  I want student...

This week in Mrs. Ford's Pre-Algebra Class

Sent August 24th 2014

Good evening! I want to thank all of you who were able to attend open house at Fall Creek Valley on Wednesday. It was a pleasure meeting you! This week students will be reviewing multiplying and dividing fractions. I will be emailing class notes and homework assignments to you. It is important that students are showing all of their work on their papers. Any assignments that do not show work will be considered incomplete and I will ask students to redo the assignment. Showing work is extremely important as most s...




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