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Martin – ART: Digital Design Message

Sent September 16th 2014

Hello Everyone! In Digital Art this week, we are working on our Animated .Gif.  Students have been planning their animations out on "Sketch-It-Out" paper using pattern and movement while choosing their colors from a Color Scheme of their choice.  Then, the sketch is redrawn and animated in GIMP. This assignment, as well as, the Color Theory Power Point can be found on CANVAS under the link "Tutorials and Handouts".  The tentative due date for this project will be next Wednesday, Sept...

Martin – ART: Digital Design Message

Sent September 2nd 2014

Hello Digital Art Comrades! Today, I was absent due to a family emergency.  Students were told that they needed to submit their assignment (their coffee mug) online by the end of class, however, that option was not present due to technical issues.  Please let your student know I will give them time tomorrow in class to submit their file without a late penatly.  Additionally, this week, students will be drawing a small item of their choice in class.  The item should be small and simple in form. &nb...

Martin – ART: Digital Design Message

Sent August 25th 2014

Hello families! This week in Digital Design, students are working on drawing their second Sphere in Gimp.  Tutorials can be found on Canvas at  Students should use their student ID and password that they normally use.  Additionally, students were taught how to save on their Google Drive this week.  Unless using a flash drive, this is a safe way to access files at school and home.  Google drives are accessible via  Students can login using the follo...




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