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Helgeson - 7th Grade English Message

Sent December 8th 2015

Hello Parents, Monday we took a seventh grade writing benchmark test and many of our students did very well, which was pleasant to see.   As we move into the rest of the week and Winter Break, we're going to prepare for Vocab Quiz on Friday, and begin work on cognitive skills, used both in writing and vocabulary study.  We'll be taking the end of the nine weeks test, which tests the skills we learned this nine weeks.  Most ciritical will be R A C E responses, so please ask your learner what the...

Helgeson - 7th Grade English Message

Sent November 15th 2015

Parents and Guardians- It's Mr. Helgeson in 7th Grade English, touching base about the coming week at Fall Creek Valley Middle Schoool. As we do every week, we'll be working vocab and Daily Grammar Practice (DGP) so keep in touch with your students on those, keeping in mind we'll be quizzing on Friday. We're looking to finish work on RACE format writing this week.  The time then after Thanksgiving Break will be spent on essay writing. Know too, midterms will head home on Friday.  As we'...

Helgeson - 7th Grade English Message

Sent November 11th 2015

Greetings again Parents and Guardians! Just reaching out with a quick reminder that we'll be taking vocab quiz on Friday.  If your student needs the words, they should be in their Google Drive, or clik here. Additionally on Friday, I'll be taking English Notebooks for a grade.  If you'd like to see what's expected on Friday, you can click here. We have submitted several documents electronically, and part of my walk in getting up to speed with the kids is to get those documents off Canvas and p...

Helgeson - 7th Grade English Message

Sent November 2nd 2015

Greetings Parents! I'm Mr. Helgeson, I teach 7th Grade English at Fall Creek Valley Middle School, and your student is in one of my sections. I wanted to invite everyone to check grades online in Skyward.  In that way we can work on keeping grades up as we head toward the mid-term.  Please know that if your student has a low grade, they can turn in, or re-do any assignment to get a better grade.  The only time we can't do re-dos or late work at home is when the assignment is a quiz or test. &nbs...




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