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GEMS Message

Sent May 25th 2018

What a year we have had!!!  We just finished with the "Senior" prom for the residents of Benjamin Court.  We attended an honorary high school graduation for Ms. Geraldine, a resident at a senior living facility, and now it's time to have fun in the sun!!! If your GEM of a daughter is attending the Louisville trip on Tuesday, June 5, please send the balance of the $75 fee in on Tuesday.  School is out on Wednesday, and I need to pay all the bills next week.     Here is the i...

GEMS Message

Sent May 30th 2017

Hello, all!!!  Just a reminder that we leave for Cincinnati tomorrow, Wednesday, May 31.  Just meet up between 7:30-7:45 AM.  The girls should bring a GREAT attitude, money for extra food and snacks, and swim gear with a towel.  We will call when we are heading back.  Looks like the weather will cooperate with us.  Rain during the time we are at the museum and the Main Event, and sweet sunshine by the time we make it to the water park.   Please write down this number in case you need...

GEMS Message

Sent May 22nd 2017

Good morning!!! Thank you so much for allowing your child to participate in GEMS.  We have no more meetings this school year but will go to Cincinnati on the 31st.  Please remind your daughter that I need the pink shirt that was worn at Dancing with the Stars returned to me this week.  No need to wash it, I'll take care of all that.   Those going to Cincinnati next Wednesday, May 31.  I'm attaching the information again.  We are not spending the night (not sure where that come fro...

Dancing with the Stars

Sent May 12th 2017

Hello all!!! Here is a message about tomorrow!!!  It's going to be FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All girls who are attending should have a pink GEMS shirt that is in serious need of ironing.  Please don't iron the logo because it will come right on off.  Please have the girls bring another shirt to put on because I will collect and wash all the shirts once the event is over.   Those who are cooking should meet at 10 AM and use the main entrance.  They should bring their pink and black outfit an...

The Race has been cancelled.

Sent April 29th 2017

Thank you to all who were going to participate, but the race has been cancelled for today. http://www.wthr.com/article/susan-g-komen-central-indiana-race-for-the-cure-canceled-due-to-weather ...

Race for the Cure Message

Sent April 28th 2017

Hello, all!!!  Race for the Cure is on tomorrow RAIN or SHINE!!!!  Those 24 girls who received their packets today should be at the main entrance by 7 AM with lunch money (going to the food court at Circle Centre Mall).  I have all their race bibs and will distribute tomorrow.  Check the weather and dress for it.  IF STORMS come about, you can best believe we will abort this mission but text me at 317-721-1107 to see if we are on or off in the morning.  That is also the way you can contact...

Reminder GEMS Message

Sent April 24th 2017

GEMS will NOT meet Tuesday because of the cancelled activity bus, but I do need 7 girls to stay to bake brownies on Wednesday.  If you your daughter is able to stay, please respond to this email as I have not asked anyone yet and would like to secure permission first.  We will stay on Wednesday, from 4-6 PM.  Pick up is at 6 at Door 3.   GEMS Cultural and Entertainment Trip will be held on Wednesday, May 31, 2017.  GEMS will pay for transportation which is $1,455.  Each person w...

GEMS Message

Sent April 18th 2017

I'm so sorry for sending this last minute reminder, but we go to Benjamin Court today and pick up will be at 6 at FCV or girls can ride the 6 PM bus home.   ...

GEMS Message

Sent April 10th 2017

Hello, everyone!!!  I do hope you are all doing well.  This is a reminder that I need the permission slips for the Race for the Cure (so I can get sponsorship for girls) and our end of the year trip.  I'm attaching the information.  This week is our regular GEMS meeting.  We will continue to work on exploring careers that line up with our personality.  Last week the girls took a personality assessment.  This week they will explore various careers and do another assessment.  I...

Summer Activities Message

Sent March 21st 2017

Here are some leads on summer activities for middle school students.  I hope all the links are active.  If you have more resources or find an error, please let me know.  I try to update this and send it out yearly.  I'm a little late with it this year, but there are many activities still available to keep those minds sharp.   ...

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