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Foxworthy - 7th Grade Social Studies Message

Sent March 9th 2015

Greetings!  In Social Studies this week, students will continue to learn about Japan. Each student has a packet of information and engaging activities to complete. Most of the work will be done in class.  However, students who are falling behind, may need to take their packets home.  It's been a long winter and attention spans may be shorter.  Many students have missing assignments. I encourage you and your child to check Skyward regularly to grades. As always, thank you for your support. &n...

Foxworthy - 7th Grade Social Studies Message

Sent January 21st 2015

Greetings! This week in Social Studies class, students will be finishing the unit on World Religions. Students will complete their packets today. Ask your child to see their packet and what they have learned. An open note test will be THIS Friday. Our next unit is South Asia. Students will learn about the history, culture and current conditions in India and Pakistan. Please make sure your child has supplies for class. Many students have used or misplaced their supplies since August. Thank you for your conti...

Foxworthy - 7th Grade Social Studies Message

Sent December 12th 2014

Greetings! In Social Studies class next week, students will be taking the Quarter 2 Benchmark.  They will receive a study gudie on Monday.  The test will be Wednesday. We are currently studying the 5 Major World Religions in class.  You should be receiving a permission slip allowing your child to view a PG-13 movie in class. The movie we will be starting next week is "Not Without My Daughter".  It is based on a true story and demonstrates the culture, religious and political beliefs ...

Foxworthy - 7th Grade Social Studies Message

Sent November 11th 2014

GREETINGS FAMILIES! This week in Social Studies, students are wrapping up the unit on world economies.  Students have been learning about Market, Command and Mixed Economies.  They have also been learning the laws of supply / demand and opportunity cost.  The test over this information is on Thursday this week.  Students received a study guide today to complete and review.  Students should be checking Skyward weekely to see if they have missing work.  Midterm report grades ...

Foxworthy - 7th Grade Social Studies Message

Sent October 21st 2014

Greetings Families! It was a pleasure talking with many of you on Monday.  Thank you for your support.  If you were unable to attend conference day but would like to discuss your child's progress, please contact me anytime. This week in Social Studies, students will be starting a new unit.  Students will learn about various economies and government systems.  Students will receive a packet with information and assignments.  Students will  keep this packet in the classroom until th...

Foxworthy - 7th Grade Social Studies Message

Sent October 9th 2014

Greetings! Students in Social Studies will be taking the Benchmark test over Quarter 1 information tomorrow! Students have a study guide to help them review. If you would like to schedule a conference , please email me and I can put you on the schedule. Thank you! ...

Social Studies this week

Sent September 29th 2014

Greetings Families! This week in 7th grade social studies, students will continue learning about culture.  Student groups will be presenting their poster projects on Tuesday. Parents, you will be given a homework assignment this week!  Your child will be asking you questions about life in America when you were their age. Please help them complete the survey. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. Have a great week! Mrs. Foxworthy ...

Foxworthy - 7th Grade Social Studies Message

Sent September 9th 2014

Just a reminder that the map skills test in Social Studies is tomorrow.  Students have their map skills packet and a study guide to help them study. Students need to be able to identify the continents and oceans, plot longitude and latitude, use map scale, identify the cardinal and intermediate directions and distinguish between political and physical maps. ...

Foxworthy - 7th Grade Social Studies Message

Sent September 2nd 2014

Hello! This week in Social Studies students will be creating and analyzing different types of maps.  These include political, physical and thematic maps. Students should be reviewing their vocabulary terms for this unit.  they will have a test over map skills next Wednesday ( September 10).  They will be given a study guide on Monday.  Please review the information with your child.  You can help by quizzing them on the information from the study guide.  Making flash cards ...




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