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*FCV 8th Grade Baseball: Practice at LN TODAY

Sent May 17th 2018

Good afternoon everyone, While I hate to end the season how it did, we still have much to be proud of! Later on I will be sending out information about the Spring Awards Night, so stay tuned for that. This is just a quick reminder that today, we will be headed to LN to wrap up our season with a practice with the LN team. Buses transportation will be provided to LN, but a ride will be needed from there. Practice will be done around 6, with pizza and information session to be held immediately afterwards. Let me know if ...

UPDATE: LN Practice

Sent May 9th 2018

Good afternoon, Sorry for another email. Just a quick update about our practice at LN that was originally scheduled to be held this Friday. Because of the band trip, many students were unable to attend. We made Coach Winzennread aware of this, and he said another option could be to do the practice at LN next Thursday (5/17) instead. The other details will be the same, including transportation and dinner. I will continue to reminnd the boys of this the next few times I see them beforehand.  Again, there will NOT...

Friday @ LN

Sent May 9th 2018

Good morning, Now that I know a bit more about what is happening on Friday, I wanted to send out some more information. First off, I am aware of the band trip on Friday that affects 8 players. Obviously, this will be excused! For those of you concerned about missing this opportunity, I will give more information regarding LN summer baseball camps next week. Coach Winzenread has invited us to participate in their practice after school on Friday. I wish I could change the date so that more players could go, but I do e...


Sent May 8th 2018

Good afternoon, As we wrap up the season, I have a few announcements.  1)  Game tonight against Southport @ FCV 2)  Our game on Thursday against Chapel Hill will be played at the Ben Davis JV field. Normal time.    I will be out of town Wednesday-Friday, so I will not be able to coach that game. I will make the lineup and send it to Coach Jones who will take over for that game. Thank you for your understanding. 3)  We will NOT have practice on Wednesday. 4)  Coach Winzenread has ...

Game today @ LN

Sent May 7th 2018

Good afternoon, Just a reminder that today's game against New Augusta will be held at Lawrence North High School. The game is still scheduled to start around 5:15pm. Thanks, Nick Montan ...

Eastwood Game Cancelled + Another Important Announcement

Sent May 3rd 2018

Good afternoon, Due to standing water on the fields, today's game vs. Eastwood has been cancelled. We will not have practice today. There will be no practice tomorrow either. Our next game will be on Monday at 5:15 pm against New Augusta. THIS GAME WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE LAWRENCE NORTH BASEBALL FIELD. We will be taking a bus to LN, but not back to FCV. Please let me know if you have any questions. ...

Carmel Game Cancelled

Sent April 24th 2018

Good afternoon, Today's game against Carmel has been cancelled. There will be no practice. Our next game will be tomorrow at Raymond Park. Please remind your kid to bring their evaluations back tomorrow. Thanks, Coach Montan ...

Game Canceled Today

Sent April 16th 2018

Good morning, Today's game at Creekside has been canceled due to weather. We will practice after school until 6:00pm.  Our next scheduled game is on Wedensday at FCV against Lynhurst. Thanks, Coach Montan ...


Sent April 12th 2018

Good morning, I had told the kids yesterday that we will have practice on Friday. It completely slipped my mind that Friday is picture day. Everyone who has had picture day knows how crazy it can be, so we will not have practice that day. They are to leave after getting pictures done. All players have received a picture form. Lastly, it is a beautiful day for a game today. We are playing at Westlane at 5:15pm.  Next week, we have games on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Have a great day! Coach Montan ...

4/5 Game Canceled

Sent April 5th 2018

Good afternoon, Today's game at Greenfield Middle School has been canceled. There will be no practice today. Next practice will be on Monday, with our game against Stonybrook on Tuesday. Thanks, Coach Montan ...

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