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Band Update 3/17/19

Sent March 17th 2019

Congratulations to all performers last week.  The Beginning Band Concert with Winding Ridge was one of the best.  I'm very proud of the performance and side by side performance with Winding Ridge, nice job! Both Concert Band and Symphonic Band received gold ratings at ISSMA on Friday night.  Great job everyone, excellent effort in showing your musical skills! I want to thank everyone who helped out all weekend.  I am especially proud of those who helped when we were short-staffed.  Your w...

ISSMA performance times

Sent March 14th 2019

My apologies for all of the e-mails!! Concert Band- Performance time is 5:00pm on Friday.  This is the first performance of the night and WILL get started on time. Symphonic Band- Performance time is 6:15pm Friday.   NOTE TO ALL PARENTS, FAMILY AND FRIENDS- ISSMA regulations reguire doors to be shut at the beginning of the performance and not opened again until the 3rd song has finished.  If you arrive late you will not be allowed in. *** still looking for some door monitors on Saturday if anyon...

Advanced bands and ISSMA Friday night 3/15

Sent March 14th 2019

Concert  Band (period 1)- don't forget your concert black! You don't have to wear it to school, but you certainly can if that's easier.  ROOM 404 is your homeroom (new ARR room) Symphonic Band (period 5)- don't forget your concert black if you're staying after school.  If you are not staying after school report to room 406 by 5:25 You guys have been sounding great!!! ...

Beginning Band parents/Wednesday concert at FCV

Sent March 12th 2019

Try-outs- students need to come to school with their concert attire!  If they want to wear them, change into their sports clothes, then change back that is fine.  I just ask that they PLEASE BRING DEODERANT!  Yes, I will be flexible on them getting there at 6:15.  I know it makes for a long day. Everyone else- On stage by 6:15 in concert attire.  We will warm-up, rehearse with Winding Ridge and then doors will open.  Sorry, parents we will keep the auditorium doors closed and locked until ...

Band Update 3/10/10

Sent March 9th 2019

Another early version (Mrs. Jones will be at a dance competition all day tomorrow!)  We're in the home stretch this week, but still a lot happening. Everyone: Attachments: Including the same 4 attachments just as a reminder 1) Beginning Band Concert notice 2) Concert notice in Spanish 3) Concert Band after school permission slip 4) Symphonic Band permission slip... CB and SB permission slips were already due, but I've included them for the time details for next Friday. Practice Cards- of course due...

Band Update 3/3/19

Sent March 2nd 2019

A slightly early version of the band update this weekend!  A crazy 2 weeks coming up in the FCV Performing Arts world Everyone: Attachments: There are 4 attachments today! 1) Beginning Band Concert notice 2) Concert notice in Spanish 3) Concert Band after school permission slip 4) Symphonic Band permission slip Practice Cards- of course due by the end of the day tomorrow! Jazz Band- for both 7th and 8th grades Monday morning at 8am, door 3! Beginning Bands: Concert notice- The concert on Wednesday, Marc...

ISSMA help update

Sent February 27th 2019

The popularity of the FCV ISSMA site greatly increased and now we have performances in both the auditorium & cafeteria on Friday night and our hours on Saturday are now from 8am-6pm.  We need twice as many volunteers now so we need YOUR HELP!  We don’t just need student volunteers either.  We need MANY more parents willing to be stage crew on Friday night AND Saturday morning (moving chairs & stands to the correct set up).  We also need brave parents that can keep late comers out once ...

*FCV Band Message

Sent February 25th 2019

Hello everyone, I hope no one blew away this weekend and we're ready to keep forging ahead! Everyone: Practice Cards- Due Monday by the end of the day Beginning Bands: Concert notice- The concert on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 will be at 7pm.  Students will be asked to be in their seats by 6:15.  This is a little earlier than normal so we can run our combined pieces with Winding Ridge.  Notice will be sent home later this week. Advanced Bands: Popcorn Fundraiser- the Delivery date is set for Marc...

ISSMA help for advanced band members and parents (periods 1 & 5)

Sent February 13th 2019

Hello parents!  We are approaching ISSMA Organizational Contest.  FCV hosts this event for both band/orchestra and choir and it will be held on Friday, March 15 (band/orchestra) and Saturday, March 16 (choir).  We can’t host this without our wonderful parents and student volunteers. Students and parents can earn payment towards their Kings Island trip if they are planning on working ($5 per hour worked) or they can work hours towards National Junior Honor Society or if you would just like to volunt...

Band Update 2/10/19

Sent February 10th 2019

Good evening everyone, I hope everyone is staying warm and healthy during this tempermental weather! Everyone: Practice Cards- Due Monday by the end of the day Jazz Bands- both beginning and advanced jazz bands will meet tomorrow morning at 8am, please come in door 2 (to the right of main door).  IF by chance there is a delay tomorrow there will be no jazz band at all for either group. Advanced Bands; Popcorn Fundraiser- due tomorrow (Monday 2/11) make checks out to FCV Kings Island- we need chaperones for t...

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