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Band update 3/18/18

Sent March 18th 2018

4 more days until Spring Break!!! Practice Cards- Due Monday!  There will be 2 practice cards due when we get back from Spring Break (April 2).  The first practice card is for the required practice time this week (3/19-3/25).  There will also be a 2nd bonus practice time for any practice done over Spring Break (3/26-4/1). Beginning Band Concert- Tuesday, March 20, 2018 is the side by side concert with Winding Ridge Elementary.  Call time is 6:15 so that FCV students can warm-up and then rehearse w...

Band update 3/11/18

Sent March 11th 2018

Very Busy week ahead so if there is anything unclear, please ask now. Practice Cards- due Monday by the end of the day.  Those students participating in sports, they practice card is your "homework" and not turning it in could cost you! Jazz Bands- Neither jazz band will practice this week due to all of our performances.  Please continue to practice as there will only be 5 weeks left before our performance.  Advanced Jazz Band may have an advisory rehearsal in the next 2 weeks. Pre-Contest C...

8th grade band oops & update 3/5/18

Sent March 5th 2018

It has come to may attention that 2016 was on the CB-SB notice.  I double-checked everything else is correct (dates & times) I just forgot to change the year.  I have attached the updated version. CONCERT BAND PARENTS- the time for Concert Band performance has been moved up.  Belzer MS was to perform right before us, but due to transportation issues we are switching to allow time for buses to get the Belzer band over here.  Concert Band arrival time will now be 4:30 with the performance time of ...

Band update 3/4/18

Sent March 4th 2018

Practice Cards- Due Monday by the end of the day. ISSMA Volunteers- well, we tried to be tech savvy, but there seems to be a problem with the link for volunteers.  It seems that it's allowing everyone to sign up for the same task, even if we want only 1 person.  So, if you've already volunteered on the link I will be contacting you this week to find out which day you are available and what times.  If you still want to volunteer please respond to this e-mail with the day and times available. ...

Band Update 2/25/18

Sent February 25th 2018

Practice Cards- due Monday by the end of the day.  Students wishing to be in a spring sport need to make sure they are turning in practice cards as they could impact game time if they are not getting turned in! Advanced Jazz Band- Rehearsal Monday morning at 8am sharp.  Please be ready to go as we now have 3 pieces to work on! No rehearsal on Tuesday as it's the final pep band game. Beginning Jazz Band- Tuesday after school from 4-5 *ISSMA Organizational Contest- 3/17-3/19: *Fall Creek V...

Band Update 2/19/18- ISSMA infformation below!

Sent February 19th 2018

Practice Cards- due Tuesday this week.  Please remember practice time today (Monday 2/19) is actually part of next  week's practice card.  7th grade students may want to work on consistency of practice cards and possibly bonus time (1 point for every extra 20 minutes).  There is not a concert this quarter to boost their grade up.  The March concert is actually on the 4th quarter.  Missing practice cards will have a greater impact on their overall grade. Jazz Bands- Both Beginning and ...

Band update 2/12/18

Sent February 11th 2018

Practice Cards- Due tomorrow (Monday) turn them in before the day is out! Beginning Jazz Band- We had an incredible turn-out last week and we know more are coming.  Please get those permission slips in to be able to stay on Tuesdays.  For those joining there will be a remind text for rehearsals.  Any parents that want to join enter number 81010 and text the message @b9f88e Advanced Jazz Band- Monday morning rehearsal at 8am and Tuesday after school from 4-5 Pep Band- WOW!  What a game Friday nigh...

band attachments

Sent February 4th 2018

ooops... sorry!  Here are the attachments for Beginning Jazz Band and Pep Band Information next Friday ...

Band update 2/4/18

Sent February 4th 2018

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, I hope everyone is staying warm! Practice Cards- Due Monday! Advanced Jazz Band- Monday rehearsal 8am, no Tuesday rehearsal unless you want to help get Beginning Jazz Band started. Pep Band- Game at LN on Friday, February 9, 2018.  Attached is the information. Beginning Jazz Band- Starts this week on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, after school until 5pm.  Activity buses are available.  Students cannot stay unless the permission slip is signed. Permission slip is attached. Hope e...

Band update 1/28/18

Sent January 28th 2018

Practice Cards- Due tomorrow, please make sure we have them by the end of the day! ISSMA- congratulations to all those who participated at ISSMA on Saturday.  We had 49 gold ratings and 10 silver ratings.  With 1 even qualifying for state!  All those who did not perform on Saturday, will perform in class tomorrow! 7th Grade- Students will be getting a list of check-off exercises this week that they will be responsible for the rest of the semester!  Students will also get a lesson as to how to reco...

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