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Band update 10/14/18

Sent October 14th 2018

Welcome back everyone, I hope you had an enjoyable Fall Break!  I'm going to try a little bit different format to see if this is easier.  I'll start with news for Everyone, then for just Beginning Bands (periods 3, 4 & 6) & then Advanced Bands (periods 1 & 5).  Never hesitate to reply with questions though.  If I do not respond within 1-2 school days please don't hesitate to reach out again, something may have happened to the e-mail. Everyone:     Practice Cards- d...

Band Fall Break information

Sent October 8th 2018

Just a quick note for those not going anywhere for Fall Break or not gone the entire time.   All practice time from Monday 10/8-Sunday 10/14 is BONUS!!! Practice over Fall Break is not required over Fall Break, but this is a good time to get some bonus points to start of Term 2.  Even if it's just a few minutes or a couple of days! Thanks, Shannon Jones ...


Sent October 3rd 2018

I wanted to make a decision at the concert when I had a lot of parents present and of course as soon as I do the weather starts to clear up!   Unfortunately, I already made the call and we're going to stick with it.  NO FOOTBALL GAME.  There is still a game, we just won't play.  I appreciate all the work the kids have done and if they want to continue to play pep band music they can join pep band and play for basketball games! Thank you, Shannon Jones & Briana Rhodes ...

Mid week band update 10/2/18

Sent October 2nd 2018

I apologize parents, but there was some vital information I need to get out for this week. Beginning Band Parents and the Informance tomorrow:    Due to higher security measures this message was sent from our administration.  If you are planning on coming tomorrow to the informance please read the information below: Given our new security procedures and timing in the day (lunch periods), the Informances will put a great stress on our front office staff as */_ALL_/* visitors will need to go thr...

Band Update 9/30/18

Sent September 30th 2018

A very busy week ahead.  Please check carefully as to what events belong to the Advanced Bands (periods 1 & 5) and what events belong to the Beginning Bands (periods 3 & 4 this week).  Beginning Band members are welcome to go to the concert on Tuesday at LN for bonus points. Tuesday 10/2/18- Advanced Band (p.1 & 5) Concert at LN, be there by 6:15, Little Theater, concert to begin at 7pm, dress is FCV Polo & all black. Wednesday 10/3/18- Beginning Band Informance (p. 3 & 4) during class t...

Band Update 9/23/18

Sent September 23rd 2018

Well, only 2 more weeks until Fall Break, but a busy 2 weeks it will be! Practice Cards- Due Monday by the end of the day Jazz Band- tomorrow morning before school from 8-8:30. Please come in door 2 after 7:45.To get on the remind text for jazz band text 81010 message @2bkb3f Upcoming Performances:    Oct. 2, 2018: Advanced Bands (p1 & 5) Concert at LN 6:15 start time is 7:00pm (details attached)    Oct. 3, 2018: Beginning Band Informance (p3 & 4) This will be during each class period &am...

Band Update 9/16/18

Sent September 16th 2018

Advanced Bands at LN- WOW! What a great night!  I cannot tell you enough of how proud I am about how the students performed and behaved.  I got so many compliments from people, including Mr. DeLuna, Mr. Penrose (LN Athletic Director) & Mr. Crousore (LN Principal).  They represented themselves well and 7th grade has their work cut out for them next year:) !!! Practice Cards- Due Tuesday this week since there is no school for Parent-Teacher Conferences. Remember Monday's practice goes on NEXT week...

Band Update 9/9/18

Sent September 9th 2018

Practice Cards- due Monday by the end of the day.  We do not accept practice cards late so if students forget to turn them in during class they can submit the signed practice card through Canvas. Parent Teacher Conferences- Conferences are next Monday, September 17, 2018.  I will be doing my own parent conferences at LN until around 12:30.  If you need to see me and can't be there after that time please let me know. Ms Rhodes will be there during the regular time.  Regardless who the teacher is...

Band Update 9/3/18

Sent September 3rd 2018

This list serve is how I will be communicating band functions each week.  If you are a former band parent you can unsubcribe by following the link below.  If you are a parent of a non-performing 6th period student I apologize you may also unsubscribe by following the link below. Practice Cards- Due on TUESDAY this week.  All classes are now doing practice cards, including 6th period percussion.  We will announce turning in the practice card at the beginning of each class so if a child forgets to tu...

band update summer 2018

Sent July 16th 2018

I already sent this through skyward so I apologize for those of you who are getting this twice!  There is a bit of new information as  Freshman Parents or parents of students not continuing- It was a pleasure and I hope your students have a wonderful time in high school or whatever program they continue in!  Please feel free to read the information regarding Ms. Trapani and you can unsubscribe to the band web-site by following the link below. *Ms Trapani-* I do have to inform you that Ms. Trapani has tak...

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