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extra day for practice cards

Sent January 16th 2018

Due to the crazy confusing day we will accept practice cards through the end of the day tomorrow (Wed 1/17/18).   ...

Band update 1/7/18

Sent January 7th 2018

I hope everyone has stayed warm and had a wonderful break!!!  Getting back into the swing of things here is what you need to know in the FCV Band: Practice Cards- There are 2 cards due on Tuesday, when students return.  The first is required from the week before winter break (12/18-12/24).  The second is any practice time during winter break (12/25-1/7).  Don't forget that any practice time tomorrow (1/8/18) will go on next week's practice card.  This is an EXCELLENT opportunity for st...

Band update end of semester

Sent December 21st 2017

Practice Cards- Over break students can earn bonus points for any time practice.  When they get back to school they will have 2 practice cards due... 1st is for the week we are currently in (12/18-12/24).  This practice card is for a grade.  2nd is any minutes they practiced from 12/25-1/7.  These minutes are ALL bonus.  Students can earn up to 15 bonus points to start the 3rd grading period!!! Check-offs (7th grade) & Scale tests(8th grade)- Students have been given every day since the co...

Band Concert Night tonight!!!

Sent December 13th 2017

Good morning everyone, today is band concert day!!!! The kids have been working so hard and we are very proud of their progress. All students should be wearing their black FCV polos, black pants (skirts) & black shoes (black socks too). Beginning Band- report to the stage ready to go by 6:30, concert at 7:00pm Advanced Jazz Band- report to the band room ready to go by 6:30, concert at 7:00pm Concert Band- report to the stage by 7:30 (wait for beginning band to leave stage), concert at 8:00pm Symphonic Band- re...

Band update 12/10/17

Sent December 10th 2017

Practice Cards- due Monday Jazz Band- No rehearsal Monday morning or Tuesday after school.  Last rehearsal this semester is Tuesday morning during advisory.  Door 2 will be open at 8:30 if you can be there to help set up. December 13,2017 Concerts:    7pm: Beginning Band members & Jazz Band members, BB to stage & JB to band room by 6:30    8pm: Concert Band (period 1) & Symphonic Band (period 5), CB to stage & SB to band room by 7:30.  Those who purchased Poinsettias...

band update 12/4/17

Sent December 4th 2017

Happy December everyone!  Tis the busy season in the music world so I hope I get everyone's questions answered.  Please feel free to ask if you are not sure of something. Practice cards- due today, I need an e-mail from a parent if they are forgotten. Fundraiser- we still have a bit of money still out there please get all money in as soon as possible.  Prizes will be handed out after the concert on December 13! Poinsettia fundraiser- if you are an 8th grader selling Poinsettias the money is due TH...

Fundraiser update

Sent November 29th 2017

First of all I want to apologize for all the e-mails that you are getting and will be coming up.  Tis the season of many events so you will be getting more than the standard weekly update! The original order forms should be in a box.  If it is not please let me know I did make copies of all the orders before they were sent in. Missing or wrong orders- Please make sure you compare your list with what came in the boxes.  If you have any items missing or wrong let me know right away.  We received ove...

fundraiser pick-up Wednesday, 11/29/17

Sent November 28th 2017

Students who sold items for the fundraiser will be able to take home those items tomorrow.  We received an estimated list of how many boxes each child would be getting and students were told that today in class. 2 boxes or more- Students received a pink half page today because they had too many items for the bus and would need a parent to help pick those items up.  If you need to pick items up before school is out please go to the main entrance (door 1) between 2-4.  The office staff will direct you to ...

Band update 11/26/17

Sent November 26th 2017

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope everyone is refreshed from a wonderful week off!!! Practice Cards- 2 practice cards are due Monday 1- required for the week before break 2- any time practiced during Thanksgiving break and that is BONUS!!! Fundraiser delivery-I was hoping to get a confirmation e-mail before this had to go out, but I've not heard anything yet from Century resources. The delivery will be sometime this week and I will get an e-mail out as soon as I know.  Students with smaller amounts w...

Band update 11/12/17

Sent November 12th 2017

Congratulations to 8th graders Bailey Powell on Flute, Tyrece Rice on Tenor Saxophone, Trevor Jones on Trumpet, Ella Burt on French Horn, Abby Guest on Baritone and Leah Kuo for representing FCV at All-Region Honor Band this weekend at Greenfield Central High School!!! Practice Cards- due Monday, 140 minutes=100%!  This week students should still be practicing this week for a practice card that is due after Thanksgiving Break (Nov 27).  During Thanksgiving break students will receive bonus points for any tim...

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