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Band Update 1/13/19

Sent January 13th 2019

I hope everyone survived the winter blast we had over the weekend and we're ready for the full week ahead! Everyone: Practice Cards: Due Monday by the end of the day.  We are going to try something a little new this semester.  Anyone who has not turned in 3 consecutive practice cards is going to start calling home on Fridays.  We are starting to notice a larger difference between those who are doing their homework (AKA practicing) and those who are not.  Please encourage your child to do their...

practice card extension

Sent January 8th 2019

Due to our first day back after a long break and a crazy first day... I am going to "forget" to pick up the practice card trays tonight and students can still turn in their practice cards tomorrow during the day! Mrs. Jones 123 ...

Band update 1/7/19

Sent January 7th 2019

Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope everyone had an ejoyable and restful 2 weeks.  We are up and running ready to start our new year! Everyone: Practice Cards: Yes, there are 2 due tomorrow by the end of the day.  One is required from the week of 12/17/18, the 2nd is a bonus practice card for any practice done over winter break.  This is a chance to start the new semester with 15 bonus points!!! TEST coming up: all classes will have a test starting next week that will determine chair positions. ...

Band Update 12/9/18

Sent December 9th 2018

Good Evening everyone, only 9 more days until Winter break, but a busy 2 weeks for the band department! Everyone: Concert: Beginning Band (p.3, 4 & 6) & Jazz Band report by 6:30, concert begins at 7pm.  Parents please wait in the mall until approximately 6:45 when the auditorium doors will open.  Students need to be in all dress black and need to stay for the entire concert (concert should be less than 30 minutes). Advanced Bands concert (p.1 & 5) report by 7:45, concert begins at 8:15.  S...

Band Concert English version

Sent December 3rd 2018

Let's try this again.  Attached is the English version of Concert Band & Symphonic Band notice ...

Band Update 12/2/18

Sent December 2nd 2018

Happy December everyone!  We're almost there only a week and a half before the concert and 3 weeks left until winter break! Everyone: Fundraiser- thank you for your patience on this as it has not been as professional as we are used to.  The regional manager is working with us now to ensure everyone gets the correct products and prizes.  Prizes will be handed out after money has been turned in and after the concert.  Please get me your missing items by tomorrow afternoon.  I plan on sendin...

Fundraiser missing items

Sent November 30th 2018

Parents, some of you have already contacted me and I thank you, but if you have items missing from the fundraiser please e-mail me ASAP.  I'm planning on sending that list on Monday to ensure we get the missing items delivered by break.  As many mistakes as the company has made this year I will EXPECT it to be delivered before break.   Here is what is easiest: [*]send my the name of the student missing the item (I want to reflect how much on their account until missing items come in) [*]send...

Fundraiser Delivery Back to Wednesday 11/28

Sent November 26th 2018

I am totally embarrassed to send another e-mail, but our Century Resources Rep got the delivery moved back to Wednesday!   Pick-up will still be from 4-6 at FCV, but we might put it in another room so Sound Of Music rehearsal can continue.  I will send another e-mail and there will be signs for the exact location! I'm so sorry to change it again on you.  If this is a problem at all let me know and we'll work with you.  Thank you for your understanding and be assured we've already ...

Fundraiser Delivery is now TUESDAY, 11/27/18!!!

Sent November 26th 2018

My apologies parents, but after I got confirmation from our Century Resources rep about delivery on Wednesday, the warehouse changed it to Tuesday.  This has been another on a long list of issues with the company this year and I want to again apologize for the inconvenience of this and rest assured we have shared our displeasure with Century Resources. Due to this change if there is a big problem picking up your product please let me know so we can arrange an alternate time.  Please understand that I will be...

Band Update 11/25/18

Sent November 25th 2018

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!  This marks the beginning of the busy time in the band department.  We have a lot going on in the next few weeks so do not hesitate to ask if you have questions! Everyone: Practice Cards- due Monday by the end of the day.  1 practice card for the week of 11/12-11/18 and a bonus practice card for 11/19-11/25. Fundraiser Delivery- That is supposed to be in on Wednesday, 11/28.  We should get a list of estimated boxes per stud...

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