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News from Mrs. Althardt's 7th Grade English/Language Arts Class

Sent April 13th 2015

Good afternoon, Fall Creek Valley families,    This week we will be gearing up for ISTEP+ Part 2 by reviewing close reading strategies. These strategies include reading for text-based evidence and writing fully-developed, critical answers. I am very excited about our upcoming testing because our students have worked really hard this year. Best, Elizabeth Althardt ...

Good morning, Fall Creek Valley Families!

Sent April 8th 2015

Hello and welcome back to school everyone!    I hope that each of you had a relaxing, restful and enjoyable Spring break. We are now back into the flow of learning with a concentration on reading comprehension through citation-based text evidence. Next week we will be preparing for the second (and last) part of ISTEP+. Your student will be taking this on May 4th through May 8th in his or her English/Language Arts classes. Best, Elizabeth Althardt  ...

Mrs. Althardt's English Class -- Weekly Update 3/23 -- 3/27/15

Sent March 23rd 2015

Good afternoon, Fall Creek Valley families!   I hope that this email finds everyone well. In English/Language Arts class this week, we are working on direct and indirect characterization and multiple perspectives. The AVID essential questions we are exploring are:  1) How does an author develop his or her characters?  2) What literary crafting does an author use to make his or her characters multi-dimensional?  3) What are the definitions and differences between a victim, a perpetrator, an a...

Happy Spring from Mrs. Althardt's English/Language Arts class!

Sent March 16th 2015

Good afternoon, Fall Creek Valley families:   I hope that everyone is enjoying the great weather! Our students are beginning to "shine" on their own with their incredible insights into the new literature we are reading in class. Today starts the beginning of our final nine-week unit over narrative fictional writing and fictional reading. We are already looking into character development, how the words an author chooses affects the tone of the character and how we feel about that character. I am alwa...

Fall Creek Valley Middle School English/Language Arts Weekly Message

Sent March 11th 2015

Good afternoon, Fall Creek Valley Families!      There is a lot of exciting news to share! First, with half of the ISTEP+ behind us, I am so proud of "our" kids! They all worked very hard and reported back that they felt that they had performed well on the test. The second half of ISTEP+ -- which is the multiple choice part taken on computers -- will happen at the end of April/early May. Next, we are moving into our last unit of study, which will be fiction-based narratives, memoirs and multipl...

Good afternoon and happy Monday, Fall Creek Valley families!

Sent February 23rd 2015

Dear Families,     I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing weekend. We are working hard in class on five-paragraph essays and ISTEP+ preparation. I am so proud of your children! Everyone is working diligently, and I could not be happier. ISTEP+ starts Tuesday, March 3rd. I would appreciate it if you could stress to your student the importance of going to bed at a decent hour, eating a good breakfast and concentrating during the test. We want to continue to grow like we have been! Best, Elizabeth Althardt ...

Good afternoon Fall Creek Valley Middle School families

Sent February 19th 2015

Good afternoon,     We are coming upon ISTEP+ testing. The first part of this testing will start on March 2nd. We are working very hard in class, and I am so impressed with your children! It is a joy to work with them daily. I would appreciate it if you would stress to "our" children that doing  their best, taking their time, eating a good breakfast and getting plenty of sleep is important. We are saying these things to the kids as well. Best to all! Elizabeth Althardt  ...

Althardt's English classes at FCVMS

Sent February 11th 2015

Good morning, Fall Creek Valley families!   We have LOTS of great news to report from Mrs. Althardt's English class! First, your students have done a simply tremendous job on their grades this third midterms. You may access those grades now in Skyward. Also, grades will be sent home on Friday, so please make sure to check pockets, bookbags, and coats. As we prepare for ISTEP+, your student is working hard to get ready! ISTEP+ testing begins on Monday, March 2nd. Please make sure that your student gets ade...

Good morning from Althardt's English class!

Sent February 5th 2015

Good morning parents and family members,    This week we are focusing in on citing evidence from a reading passage in order to find the correct answer, writing complicated answer stems, and fine tuning our paragraph writing into successful, well-constructed pieces. Your kiddos are doing fabulously, and I am so proud and honored to work with them each day. Best, Elizabeth Althardt  ...

E/LA News: Monday, January 26th

Sent January 26th 2015

Good afternoon, Fall Creek Valley families!    I am really proud to announce that our students did very well on their first progress monitoring test over Unit 5: Informational Non-Fiction. Overall, we scored an 89%. I also want to alert you to the fact the Applied Skills (meaning written portion) of ISTEP+ is coming in 25 days. As we begin this countdown, we will be differentiating instruction according to your student's needs. Best, Elizabeth Althardt  ...

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