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ELA Update

Sent March 26th 2015

Good afternoon!  This is just a quick update on what's happening in our ELA classroom, as well as a few reminders before we enjoy next week's Spring Break!  This week we began our sixth and final unit of study for the school year.....narrative reading and writing!  This is a crowd favorite, and a fun way to wrap up a fantastic school year.  During this unit of study, students will read and interact with a variety of literature within a range of complexity, as well as write two forms of narra...

Weekly ELA update

Sent March 2nd 2015

Good afternoon, Fall Creek Valley families!  This is just a quick update on what is happening in our school and in our Language Arts classroom.  First, tomorrow is the first round of ISTEP testing for all students.  We cannot stress enough the importance of our students getting a good night's sleep this week, as well as eating breakfast each day.  Also, please remind your kiddo to have several sharpened #2 pencils for this week's ISTEP testing.  They have worked so hard this year, and I...

Weekly ELA update

Sent February 13th 2015

Happy Friday!  Just a quick message to let you know about the exciting things happening in Language Arts and at FCV.  In Language Arts, students should have their informative essays turned in by Monday, February 16th!  Please double check with your  kiddo to ensure they have it completed and ready to turn in by the due date.   Today we welcomed the guidance counselors from Lawrence North to our ELA class, and your student was given a schedule for their upcoming freshman year.  They were v...

Week of January 18th

Sent January 19th 2015

Hello, FCV families!  2015 is well under way, and although the weather wasn't cooperative in the beginning, we are finally back in full swing at FCV!  I wanted to take a moment and share what we've been working on in Language Arts, what you can expect over the next week in our  classroom and some ways you can help with your child's success in 2015.   We've begun our Nonfiction Reading/Writing Unit in Language Arts.  Some of the skills that students will be practicing  incl...

News and Updates from Mrs. Butts's classroom

Sent December 8th 2014

Good morning, Fall Creek Valley families!  There are so many exciting things happening in our classroom and in our amazing school this week! In Language Arts, your awesome kiddos are currently perfecting the art of persuasive essay writing.  We are moving through each step of the writing process, and each of your kiddos should have an essay written in its rough draft form.  Please ask them about their topics, why they feel passionately about the topic and what they have learned about the craft of persuas...

Exciting Fall Creek Valley News!

Sent November 5th 2014

Good evening, Bearcat families!!!  I am so excited and proud to announce that Fall Creek Valley has earned a B grade!!!!!  This is a wonderful accomplishment for our entire FCV staff and students, and we appreciate your continued support each and every day. In Language Arts related news, we have entered the wonderful world of persuasion!  This week we have begun looking at the essential vocabulary for the persuasion unit, as well as identifying persuasive writing and persuasive writing techniques. ...

Classroom Update

Sent October 10th 2014

Good evening!!  I cannot believe Fall Break is already here; I know the kids are excited to have a break and recharge their batteries.  It was a busy week in Language Arts, as we wrapped up Unit 3 and assessed the students' mastery of answering short answer responses using the R-A-C-E method, as well as answering multiple choice questions based on both fiction and non fiction texts.  Today was also the due date for their independent reading packets.  Please follow up with your child to ensure he...

Parent Teacher Conferences October 20th!

Sent October 6th 2014

Good evening!  Fall Creek Valley Parent Teacher Conferences are being held Monday, October 20, 2014 from 11am-7pm and I hope to meet with each of you to discuss your scholar's performance in English Language Arts.  Please email or call me to reserve your conference time.  I look forward to hearing from you soon! Sincerely, Sarah Butts 8th Grade ELA Fall Creek Valley Middle School ...

Classroom Update!

Sent October 6th 2014

Hello!  Can you believe we already have our first nine weeks behind us?  Time sure does fly when you're having fun!  With the closing of the first nine weeks, you can expect your child's report card on Friday, October 10, so be sure to ask for it. This week in Language Arts, your scholar is reading informative texts, practicing their strategies for answering multiple choice and short answer response questions, and learning the skills necessary to answer extended response questions utilizing...

Classroom Update

Sent September 26th 2014

Happy Friday!  I want to give a quick update on what skills we are currently working on in Language Arts class, as well as some information regarding upcoming events at FCV.  This week we focused on deconstructing multiple choice questions, using both fictional and nonfictional texts.  We will continue building this skill next week; furthermore, the students will learn strategies for answering short answer response questions.  Our scholars are continuing to build their close reading a...




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