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Date: October 10th 2016


Hello Parents and Guardians!

This week in social studies we will be looking at various government types. Today in class we began an introduction to what government is and the main government types found in the countries we will study. 

I gave students time in class to view a Google Slide on government and take Cornell notes. Tomorrow in class we will search for countries that have each government type and compare and contrast aspects of those governments. This assignment will be due at the end of the period on Tuesday. 

Just a reminder...I leave for Washington, DC at 3am Wednesday morning for our annual 8th grade tour. I will be unavailable during the scheduled Parent/Teacher conference time on Tuesday and Wednesday. I am still available for phone or email conference upon my return. I also have morning hours on Mondays and Friday's from 8-8:30am. Please call or email to arrange a time  

Have a great evening 

Miss Johnson

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