Summer Robotics Camp at Fall Creek Valley!

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Subject: Summer Robotics Camp at Fall Creek Valley!
Date: April 15th 2015


We would like you to know that Fall Creek Valley is offering a summer robotics camp in addition to the camp at MCIT.  This camp offers a different experience than the McKenzie Robotics Camp in July.  Your students can do both, or just one, depending on what kind of experience you would like for your child to have!  The GearCat Robotics Camp is a starting point for students wanting to be on the FCVMS Robotics team.  Students will be using VEX IQ Snap-together Robotics Kits whereas the McKenzie Camp will be using the higher level VEX Robotics Kits.  For students who are new to robotics, the GearCat Camp would be a good starting point before enrolling in the McKenzie Camp later in the summer.  For students who have already been part of an elementary robotics team and/or 7th Grade PLTW at the middle school this will be a great time to jump-start ideas for the 2015-2016 Robotics Season giving them a head-start over most of the competition as well as getting to know the coaches and other possible future team members.

For more information on GearCat Robotics please follow the following link to see the promotional packet:


To Register go to:

Thank you! We look forward to seeing your student this summer!

Jason Williams/Joshua Quinn


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