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Summer Robotics Camp at Fall Creek Valley!

Sent April 15th 2015

Parents, We would like you to know that Fall Creek Valley is offering a summer robotics camp in addition to the camp at MCIT.  This camp offers a different experience than the McKenzie Robotics Camp in July.  Your students can do both, or just one, depending on what kind of experience you would like for your child to have!  The GearCat Robotics Camp is a starting point for students wanting to be on the FCVMS Robotics team.  Students will be using VEX IQ Snap-together Robotics Kits whereas the McKenz...

Are you growing a leader?

Sent January 21st 2015

Hello, Parents. A lot of what we do in PLTW revolves around the central idea that we need to do more than just educate the mind, but the heart as well. As Dr. King said so well, "Education with Character-that is the true goal of education." We couldn't agree more! That said, I would encourage you to take a few moments and check out this blog post from  Dr. Tim Elmore, founder of Growing Leaders. A lot of our ideas and materials come from Tim's proven approach to developing young minds and hearts ...

Guest speaker on raising kids in a Digital Age, 2/5!

Sent January 20th 2015

Hello! I wanted to everyone aware of a guest speaker that we will be bringing to our township, Dr. Devorah Heitner, Ph.D and expert on raising kids in the digital age (here is a video link of Dr. Heitner speaking at a TEDx event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRQdAOrqvGg). Dr. Heitner is an experienced speaker, workshop leader and consultant and an expert on the research on kids + media. ”I love helping families enhance their lives by using technology in a smarter way and making a few small tweaks to tame the s...

Williams - Project Lead the Way Message

Sent December 17th 2014

Good morning PLTW parents! This week, as you may have heard, PLTW is doing a fundraiser for World Vision/Imana Kids. Here is a short video about why we are supporting World Vision this year and how the process works: http://donate.worldvision.org/ways-to-give/gift-catalog Our goal is for every PLTW student to give at least one dollar or more to the cause of helping the less fortunate in our world this season. Please help us in addressing important world issues as we seek to encourage students to think globally and co...

This week, we CODE!

Sent December 8th 2014

Hello, PLTW parents. Today, we complete our Energy and Your Environment unit with a final test. This has been a fun unit to teach and I do hope the students have learned much as well. Tomorrow through Friday, we will be joining the national movement to teach students the basic of writing Code for Computer Science Week. Currently, there are far more openings than applicants in computer science jobs nationally and the field is wide open for those who are able to code. In many cases, a software engineer can expect to have...

PLTW Parents

Sent November 19th 2014

Good morning PLTW parents! This week, students are in the thick of our “Energy and Your Environment” unit. Students will not only be learning about the types and forms of energy, but how these energy sources actually work to bring us power (from an engineer’s perspective) and what type of future renewabl and inexhaustable energy sources are currently being developed and explored by scientists and engineers. We will likely not finish this unit this week, so students will need to review their notes befo...

This week in PLTW!

Sent November 10th 2014

Hello, here's a quick update on what's happening in PLTW this week: 1. All Air Skimmer prototypes will be graded today along with testing and improvement documentation.  2. Tuesday, students will have a short post test on the measurement/Skimmer unit and have a short lesson call "Thermostats or Thermometers?" This is a leadership/character lesson that challenges students to "set" the temperature of their environments, not just "reflect" it as student leaders.  3. Begin...

PLTW this week!

Sent November 4th 2014

Hello, PLTW parents. This week we are wrapping up making working prototypes of 'Air Skimmers' (think: Land Speeder from Star Wars) that can be tested and modified using the engineering design process. Over the last 3 weeks, student have created a 3D model of an Air Skimmer, learned how to measure using the Standard system of measurement, and finally have been building a working prototype of the Skimmer using basic supplies. This unit includes many concepts realated to flight and transporatation in general such ...

PLTW Parent-Teacher Conferences

Sent October 9th 2014

Hello, PLTW parents! My apologies in not getting this message to you sooner, but if you would like to schedule a time to have a parent teacher conference with me on the Monday following Fall Break bewtween 11 am-7 pm, please email me at: jasonwilliams@msdlt.k12.in.us with the following detailed information: Your Name/Child's Name/Phone #/Preferred hour you would like to meet...

Welcome to FCV Project Lead the Way!

Sent August 7th 2014

Hellp and welcome! Quick announcement: all PLTW classes will offically meet & begin tomorrow! Be on the lookout for a handout that I will be sending home as much important information will be contained therein, including info regarding our PLTW Engineering Notebooks. Also, be sure to take a look at our FCV PLTW website for more info: http://fcvpltw.weebly.com/ I am looking forward to meeting your student! Have a great day. Jason R. Williams FCVMS PLTW/Digital Citizenship ...




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