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Date: March 26th 2015

Greetings form the Department of US History  :)

We are discussing the events that lead America to the most crucial moment in our history: The American Civil War. Of all the topics we study, I feel this is the most important.

In XL History we are looking closely at the Underground Railroad.  We are learning about the brave men and women who escaped slavery as well as the abolitionist that aided them on their journey.

Stretch student are creating blogs of events that lead America to war. They will analyze and evaluate the importance of the event of which they become expert. Please ask your students to look at at least on blog site I attached to canvas.

Some good discussion questions with your students could include:

How do people make decisions that will require personal sacrifice?

What will you do when someone asks you to do something you know to be wrong?

When you help others, do you benefit as well?

Have a safe, restful Spring Break!

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