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Subject: SRA Reading
Date: February 26th 2015

Good morning-

We are finishing up the last Lesson of our 2.5 week story this week.  We have taken the STAR Reading assessment last week and the grade will be in Skyward as a no count grade equivalency.  The class is also finishing up their Skills Test packet this week which is also a review of the last 10 lessons we have done.  Please remind your child that they should be putting forth their best effort EACH time they are completing assignments.  Many of the students have been rushing through their work and it is bringing down their grades.

Next week is ISTEP.  Please make sure your child is eating breakfast, getting a goodnights sleep , and NOT bringing in their electronic devices on the days of testing.  We are scheduled to test on Tuesday and Wednesday (March 3 and 4th).  


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