End of the Year Information

From: "Camacho - Performing Arts" <amandaquiett@msdlt.k12.in.us>
Subject: End of the Year Information
Date: May 22nd 2015


#1 Orchestra and Guitar: Students will need their instruments on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.  They will not need instruments on Thursday or Friday. :)

#2 Bearcat Summer Orchestra camp information is attached to this e-mail. New deadline: May 27, 2015. (This camp is not mandatory, but is highly recommended for all current orchestra students.)

#3 Extra supplies: If you child has any extra orchestra or guitar supplies (Books, Rosin, Music Stands, Picks), please consider donating them to the program for others who can afford the supplies for the class. Please do not put these useful supplies in the trash.

Thanks for a great year,

Ms. Quiett

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