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Subject: Math Academy Message - 7th Grade
Date: August 22nd 2016

Hello families,


Welcome to Fall Creek Valley for the 2016-2017 school year!  We are very excited to work with your children this year and watch them grow in their learning and understanding of the wonderful world of mathematics!  This is the first of the weekly messages you will receive from Math Academy teachers this year.  My name is Chasten Bear, and my colleagues who you will become very familiar with are Heather Clark, Michelle Johnson, Janet Farmer, and Lorna Curtis.  For contact information, see the attached document titled "Classroom Management Plan."


I wanted to take this time to update you on some things in our department.  First off, the students have now taken their first unit of study pre-test and the results will be given to students in the form of a playlist.  We mentioned this at open house, but in general, a playlist is a list of lessons for each chapter that students will complete on canvas based on the results of their pretests.  Students will learn how to navigate their online textbook today, and then tomorrow in their master classes, they will learn how to complete their playlists through thorough modeling of expectations and procedures.  Be looking for their playlists by Wednesday.  Students should put these in their binders for safe-keeping.


For the past two weeks, students have been engaged in a variety of problem-solving tasks that include the Parking Lot problem, the Four 4's problem, and also working in groups to solve Fermi problems.  Students recently presented their solutions to these Fermi problems and did a great job!  It was evident that they worked well in groups, they used technology appropriately, and created awesome posters to model their mathematics.  I hope that this is just the beginning of wonderful things that we will see from them this year.


This week, students will begin the task of navigating through their playlists.  Students will not have formal homework; however, they are able to complete items on their playlists at home if they choose to.  This would be a great option for students who want to move more quickly through the program, or who feel that they may struggle and need extra time to complete topics.  Each lesson has a lesson page that links to videos, vocabulary, and the online textbook for reference.  Feel free to ask your child to show you these features so you can see what they are learning!  


Thank you for your attention.  If you have questions, please make sure to contact us.  Contact information is on the classroom management plan that is attached to this email.



Mr. Bear, Mrs. Farmer, Mrs. Clark, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Curtis

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