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Date: September 16th 2014

Hello Everyone!

In Digital Art this week, we are working on our Animated .Gif.  Students have been planning their animations out on "Sketch-It-Out" paper using pattern and movement while choosing their colors from a Color Scheme of their choice.  Then, the sketch is redrawn and animated in GIMP. This assignment, as well as, the Color Theory Power Point can be found on CANVAS under the link "Tutorials and Handouts".  The tentative due date for this project will be next Wednesday, September 24th. 

Additionally, the first HOMEWORK assignment will be due this Wednesday, September 17th.  The homework is a sketchbook still life drawn in GIMP.  Sketchbook Expectations and the rubric can be found on Canvas under the link, "Tutorials and Handout".  This homework assignment must be submitted to CANVAS under ASSIGNMENTS.  The assignment is titled: "Homework 1 (Sketchbook).  Students have until 11:59 to submit their work.  

If your student is unsure what to draw for their homework, I highly suggest easy forms/objects like the following: pen, pencil, nail polish, a can (soda/vegetable), water bottle, tape, jar, vase, phone, spoon, knife, fork, plate, keychain.  Students may not draw the same object twice for their homework.  

Finally, students may always improve their grade by re-drawing, editing, or resubmitting their work for a better grade at any time!  Students may resubmit at any time, however, I do not take resubmissions 3 days before grades are due (I have to give myself some time to grade)!  If students need additional 1-on-1 time, I stay after every day until 5pm.  Please call/email me to set up personal help so I know who will be staying after and that your student will have a ride home!  

Amazing drawings and skills are demonstrated every day by your digital artists!  Please ask your student to show their animated .gif they are drawing!


Miss Adrianne Martin


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