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Subject: Helgeson - 7th Grade English Message
Date: December 8th 2015

Hello Parents,

Monday we took a seventh grade writing benchmark test and many of our students did very well, which was pleasant to see.  

As we move into the rest of the week and Winter Break, we're going to prepare for Vocab Quiz on Friday, and begin work on cognitive skills, used both in writing and vocabulary study.  We'll be taking the end of the nine weeks test, which tests the skills we learned this nine weeks.  Most ciritical will be R A C E responses, so please ask your learner what they know on that topic.

Before break, we will take the STAR reading assessment.  It gives a measure of reading ability, and we are excited to see growth between this test and the one we took in September. 

Lastly, remember all work can be made up or re-done for credit, so if I can help in any part of the process turning late or missing work in to improve low grades, I'd be more than happy to do that.



Mr. Helgeson

Fall Creek Valley Middle School

Grade Seven English

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