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Date: February 3rd 2015

Below are the Algebra assignments for the next week.  Please check with your child and make sure they are getting completed on time.  Also, there will be a small quiz over Chapters 9.1 and 9.2 on Friday.  This is the first two assignments.  Next week will be a test over all four units. 

After school tutoring is available every Tuesday and Thursday until 4:45 for any students needing help or any student that would like to just get their assignments completed before they go home.

Chapter 9a Assignments


1.)  monomial               2.)  Polynomial            3.)  Binomial

4.)  Trinomial               5.)  Standard form of a polynomial

Note:  The squares of every number up to 20 need to be memorized for this unit.


and so on up to

All assignments must show all the work necessary to solve the problem.  Assignments without showing your work will not be graded and will receive NO CREDIT

Assignment 1 - 9.1

Textbook  Worksheet - Handout 

(Due Monday, February 2)

Assignment 2 - 9.2

Workbook  Page 114 # 1 through 48 Evens or Odds 

(Due Thursday, February 5)

Assignment 3 – 9.3

Textbook   Page 469 # 5 through 19

                   Page 470 # 20,21,30,31,32,33,34,35,42,43

(Due Monday, February 9)

Assignment 1 – 9.4

Workbook  Page 118 # 1 through 30 ALL 

(Due Wednesday, February 11)

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