Friday Correction....

From: "*FCV Cross Country" <jeffreyharker@PROTECTED>
Subject: Friday Correction....
Date: October 1st 2019

Parents and Runners,

This Friday is the FCV Athletics Recognition night at the LN/Warren football game.  The game starts at 7pm.  My initial information said we were being recognized before the game.  That was incorrect.  We will be recognized at HALFTIME.  If you are attending, please be there by prior to halftime.  Wear your green Bearcat shirt and you will get in free.  Sorry parents, even with the shirt you have to pay.  If you are watching the first half, please sit in the stands at the east end of the bleachers.  Do not just run around.  You are representing our school, our team, and yourselves.  Prior to the half we will go down to the west end of the field to line up for the halftime recognition.  After we are recognized you are free to go home or stay for the rest of the game.  If you stay, have a ride at 9:15pm.  Please don't eat and drink a lot of junk that night, you have a race the next morning.

We hope all of you can make it.  We want a good showing.


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