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Subject: Digital Citizenship Parents
Date: September 3rd 2014

Digital Citizenship parents, good morning.

I just wanted to send out a couple quick updates with what is going on in the FCV Digital Citizenship class. We have been talking through several concepts of digital responsibility and what role interactive digital media plays in students' lives. For their current project, students have been working on creating an informational video (called an 'ANIMOTO') that represents who they are and what role social media, the Internet, etc. plays in their lives. It has been very interesting to watch these videos and I think the students have enjoyed creating them. As we wrap this project up, we will be moving into other elements of digital citizenship over the coming days.

I would strongly encourage you to ask your child to show you their ANIMOTO video they created for the class. Hopefully it will instigate interesting conversations around the dinner table about the role digital media plays in your lives as well. Please take this time to share with your children your thoughts on digital media and the role, both good and bad, it has played in your lives. My hope is that through these conversations we can assist this generation in avoiding so many of the errors we have made with our digital media consumption and habits. 

Have a great week. Thank you.

Jason R. Williams

E-Coach/Digital Citizenship/Project Lead the Way 

Fall Creek Valley Middle School


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