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Subject: Band update 10/14/18
Date: October 14th 2018

Welcome back everyone, I hope you had an enjoyable Fall Break!  I'm going to try a little bit different format to see if this is easier.  I'll start with news for Everyone, then for just Beginning Bands (periods 3, 4 & 6) & then Advanced Bands (periods 1 & 5).  Never hesitate to reply with questions though.  If I do not respond within 1-2 school days please don't hesitate to reach out again, something may have happened to the e-mail.


      Practice Cards- due tomorrow, one required, one bonus.  Please make sure there is obvious difference between the week of 10/1 and 10/8.  If everything is together then it will only be counted for the required time.

     Term 1 ends- Term 1 ended on October 5 and we will have to have grades posted by Tuesday October 16.  Make sure any missing tests or bonus points are turned in by then

     Fundraiser- our annual fundraiser will begin this week on Wednesday, October 17.  This is the fundraiser that helps provide support for our program all year.  We get a little funding from the district, but it does not cover nearly enough of what we typically spend on fees, equipment, music and repairs. It also goes to help those students who cannot afford all expenses involved in the and program.  Our department emphasizes that students should only sell to people they know and NOT go door to door in neighborhoods or apartment complexes.  If you still do not want your child to take part we understand, but please consider making some kind of small donation to the program.  Thank you!

Beginning Bands:

     Practice Cards- starting tomorrow all students will be on the regular practice cards using minutes not days.  This will be explained in class tomorrow.

     Polos- we meant to get the polos out on Friday, but due to some other issues we did not.  They will go out on Tuesday & Wednesday this week if your child has paid for it.  If you have not sent the $15 in, a polo was ordered, but they will need to get that in before receiving it.  Thank you!

Advanced Bands:

     Jazz Band- I STILL NEED TRUMPETS!!! Please consider joining jazz band/pep band its fun!!! (we'll still take other instruments too:))

See everyone tomorrow and again, don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Shannon Jones & Briana Rhodes

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