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Subject: band update summer 2018
Date: July 16th 2018

I already sent this through skyward so I apologize for those of you who are getting this twice!  There is a bit of new information as 
Freshman Parents or parents of students not continuing- It was a pleasure and I hope your students have a wonderful time in high school or whatever program they continue in!  Please feel free to read the information regarding Ms. Trapani and you can unsubscribe to the band web-site by following the link below.
Ms Trapani- I do have to inform you that Ms. Trapani has taken the job as the assistant band director at Lawrence Central High School.  Although she will certainly be missed I'm glad that Lawrence Township is not losing her and wish her all the best!  We are in the process of interviewing candidates for the assistant, but I'm not sure how quickly they will be starting.  I hope by the first day of school, but I don't think they will be ready for summer band.  Don't worry I have classes covered!!!
Schedules- I've been informed schedules are not done and not right they will start working on that later this week so there will be changes to the classes.  This means that some are in Symphonic band and will be moved to Concert band and some are in Concert Band will be moved to Symphonic.  The one exception will be conflicts with the schedule.  Once guidance gives me the okay I will compare lists, but students should have an idea where they belong based on their chair last year.
Jazz Band- Congratulations on the select few that still tried for Jazz Band.  It's not really going to be a Jazz Band, but a Pops Band that will play fun music all year long (jazz too).  It is in the schedule and I have some good things lined up for them.  I'm so excited and they are key to getting the program going again at FCV so thank you, thank you, thank you!  Because this band is in the schedule it will be easier for those who want to do it as a club.  We will continue to do it as a club, but also use the advisory period to rehearse with everyone.  This also means we can be competitive AND... I'll let them go to Kings island (thunderous cheering)!!
8th Grade Summer Band- I know last May not everyone knew what their plans were for summer so I'm sending a reminder about summer band.  For 8th grade is a chance to get those instruments out again and meet up with classmates.  All 8th graders (or those in the 8th grade band) will meet next week (Monday 7/23-7/26) from 4-4:50. No matter the instrument we'll all play together.  You will get warm-ups for the upcoming year as well as some pep band pieces that we'll play for the big FCV vs Belzer football game in October!!!
7th Grade Summer Band- Summer band for beginners is a little bit different.  Students will meet with a private teacher to learn just their instrument.  A couple of instruments are combined due to the nature of their instrument.  The groups will be much smaller and with someone who specifically plays their instrument regularly.  This is also completely devoted to learning the instrument.  Once school gets started the classes will be much bigger and they will learn with multiple instruments in the room.  Please see the attached form to know when the exact time is for your child/instrument.
Summer Band is not required and I completely understand getting that last minute vacation in before school starts, but if you are available I do strongly recommend it.  Those who are renting a school instrument (Bassoon, French Horn, Baritone or Tuba) can get their instrument the first night and don't have to worry about getting it home once school starts (sorry Bassoons you only get one to take back & forth).  You DO need to have an instrument for summer band so let me know if you need help getting that taken care of.  For those of you who have already purchased/rented from Paige's Music or Musician's Repair your instrument will be here by the beginning of summer band.  I have attached both the FCV instrument rental and the summer band form.  If you still wish to be a part of summer band just let me know.  Don't worry about sending it in just bring the money with you and you can pay at the door!  If you could reply and let me know your child is coming and what instrument that will be beneficial in having enough materials when they get here.
We're still not quite done with baseball here in the Jones home so I won't be at school much until next Monday, but I will be checking my e-mail at least once a day.  Let me know if you have any questions and we'll see you very soon!
Mrs. Jones

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