Band update 9/25/17

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Subject: Band update 9/25/17
Date: September 24th 2017

Practice Cards- due tomorrow, please don't forget!

Polos- MOST went out on Friday, but there were a few absences and beginning percussionists that did not get them.  We will continue to pass them out tomorrow.  If your child needs a polo, but did not get one see if they get it tomorrow.  Every Performing Arts Student needs to have this polo so if you have not paid please get that $15 paid or e-mail Mrs. Jones with arrangements.

Jazz BAnd- rehearsal before school Monday morning from 8-8:35 and Tuesday after school from 4-5.  This is for advanced band & orchestra students (periods 1 & 5)

Wrong Concert Date on web-site- There is a concert listed with MPLT, Belzer & Fall Creek Valley on 10/2/17.  This is INCORRECT!  We are working on getting that corrected.

Advanced Band Concert Dates-(Periods 1 & 5) Fall Band concert is at Lawrence North Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 7pm, arrival at 6:15.  See attached form for details.

Beginning Band Informance-(Periods 3 & 4) This is an informal presentation of the material the beginning band students have learned so far.  The Informance is on October 4, 2017 & will be done during the students class time.  We understand if not everyone can make it.  Please see attached "BBinformancenotice" for details.

Advanced Bands at LN for final FCV vs. Belzer Football Game- This is on Ocbober 5, 2017.  There are several options for this performance and ALL advanced band members need to turn in this permission slip so we can have accurate numbers for Supper Bags after school and number of people riding the bus over to LN.  Students will be calling parents during class tomorrow if their permission slip is NOT turned in  This form is also attached "LNfootballtrip."

CHAPERONES NEEDED- The October 5 trip to LN is both band and choirs.  We will have 6-7 buses going and need more chaperones.  I currently have 3 parents who volunteered and would love to have more.  It would be the situation where you would need to find a way back to FCV for your vehicle as the buses will be dropping us off at LN only.  Please let me know if you can chaperone this trip.  

We have a lot going on in the next couple of weeks so feel free to ask questions if anything is not clear.  Thank you everyone for supporting your child in the FCV Band Program!!!!

Mrs. Jones & Ms. Trapani

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