Band Update 5/14/18

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Subject: Band Update 5/14/18
Date: May 14th 2018

Band Concerts: Are WEDNESDAY, MAY 16, 2018!   Not Tuesday, which Ms. Luessow's phone call says.  That's actually the orchestra concert.

Beginning Band: Be in your seats, on stage at 6pm to warm-up, doors will open at 6:15, concert will begin at 6:30.

Advanced Jazz Band: In band room ready to go at 6pm to warm-u up, concert will begin at 6:30

Concert Band: Slight change in where they are going.  Concert Band is to be ready by 7:15 in the band room, they will rehearse with LN then go on stage around 7:30, concert to start at 7:45

Symphonic Band: Meet in the wrestling room at 7:15 to warm-up and then move into band room to rehearse with LN, then to auditorium, concert to start at 7:45

Summer instrument rental: for 7th grade should have gone home last week if you are renting an FCV instrument.  It is expected that you will rent your instrument over the summer.  If you are 8th grade and continuing please contact Glenn Hauger or Tom Wallis at LN for instrument rental.

Summer Band: 7th graders will be given summer band information this week.  Summer band is NOT required, but a good way to get their instruments out, talk to their friends in person (rather than snapchat) and start getting their lips back after summer!  Forms are required to be turned back in whether students are attending summer band or not.  I have attached the forma as well.


A lot going on so if you have any questions please ask sooner than later!

Shannon Jones & Emily Trapani

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