Band Update 1/13/19

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Subject: Band Update 1/13/19
Date: January 13th 2019

I hope everyone survived the winter blast we had over the weekend and we're ready for the full week ahead!


Practice Cards: Due Monday by the end of the day.  We are going to try something a little new this semester.  Anyone who has not turned in 3 consecutive practice cards is going to start calling home on Fridays.  We are starting to notice a larger difference between those who are doing their homework (AKA practicing) and those who are not.  Please encourage your child to do their practice as to ensure their success on their instrument.

TEST this week: All classes will be testing by the end of this week.  Students will be given the possible exercises at the beginning of the week.

Advanced Bands:

Jazz Band/Pep Band: Monday morning rehearsal and Tuesday after school game.  We welcome new members who would like to join us!

Kings Island Meeting: Moved to January 23 (not 16th like I originally said).  Notices will go home this week.  

Upcoming Events:

1/15/19- Pep band, basketball game

1/24/19- Pep Band, basketball game

2/2/19 (Saturday)- ISSMA solo n ensemble contest

3/13/19- Advanced bands perform at LC invitation (during school hours)

3/13/19- Beginning Band concert with Winding Ridge

3/15/19- Advanced Band ISSMA Organizational Contest (the ISTEP of music)

Have a great evening and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

Shannon Jones & Briana Rhodes

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