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From: "Butts - 8th Grade XL Language Arts" <sarahbutts@msdlt.k12.in.us>
Subject: ELA Update
Date: March 26th 2015

Good afternoon!  This is just a quick update on what's happening in our ELA classroom, as well as a few reminders before we enjoy next week's Spring Break!  This week we began our sixth and final unit of study for the school year.....narrative reading and writing!  This is a crowd favorite, and a fun way to wrap up a fantastic school year.  During this unit of study, students will read and interact with a variety of literature within a range of complexity, as well as write two forms of narrative compositions.  We are currently reading and interacting with Sandra Cisneros's The House on Mango Street, which is available on Canvas to all students in the form of a pdf,  All of the written work we are doing with this piece will be completed and submitted via Google Docs, which we have been learning to navigate as a class.  This program allows for unlimited and automatic saving of documents, and it provides a quick way to submit work directly to me, even when we are not face to face. Please be sure your child is checking my Canvas page for daily assignments, as well as any upcoming projects and due dates.  

Please make sure your child is charging his or her laptop each and every night prior to coming to school.  This semester I am incorporating more technology throughout my lessons, and it is imperative that the students come prepared with their Lenovos charged and ready to go.  On the topic of devices, I want to remind you of my classroom policy regarding phones and headphones.  Unless it is an approved time to use a phone or listen to music, students are not permitted to have their phones out during class.  They are reminded of this daily at the start of class, and if a student chooses to violate the classroom policy, he or she loses the phone until the end of the class or until the end of the day, depending on the frequency of offenses.  I understand that students have phones, and many also have headphones with them to listen to music en route to school, but they are a distraction during instruction time and it is my job to ensure that all of my students are as actively engaged in the learning process as possible!  I'm asking for your help and for your support in this matter, as I know each of you wants your student maximizing his or her time in class.  I appreciate your help with this matter.  

Lastly, as previously communicated in my last email, students were responsible for completing an outside reading assignment that was due Monday, March 23rd.  Although I have received several completed assignments, there are still many missing and the last day to turn in for full credit is Friday, March 27th.  Please be sure to ask your child about his or her assignment tonight, and let's work together to ensure all work is turned in prior to Spring Break!  

As always, I thank you so much for sharing your children with me each and every day, and I sincerely appreciate the support for the students and for me!  Let's finish this year strong, and send them off to LN ready to tackle the world. :)  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email.


Sarah Butts

8th Grade ELA


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