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September 15th 2020

¡Buenos Días!Welcome to the school year 2020-2021. We have been very busy this first month getting used to the new normal, but we can say now that we are ready to roll. I just want to make sure everyone knows we will sending a newsletter everyweek about important info happening in the immersion team.This year all school teams are named as a Indiana College/University and the immersion team is BUTLER. I would love to decorate the immersion hallway with all Butler things, so if you have something at home ...Continue Reading

Immersion Team

May 8th 2020

Good morning immersion families!Buenos dias familias de inmersion!I hope this message finds you well and healthy.Espero que se encuentren bienFirst i would like to thank you all for your continuous support to the program and to all the teachers.Lo primero quisiera agradecerles su continuo apoyo al programa de inmersion y a todos los profesores.Make sure you are communicating to the advisory teachers confirming your well being or your needs, because we will help you no matter what.Asegurensen de que estan comunicandose c ...Continue Reading

APRIL 27-30

April 23rd 2020

Good morning Immersion Family!*I hope everyone is healthy and safe at home!*Another week!*Please let us know if you need anything at home of any kind. We will make sure we can help you out. We keep thinking about all of you and we miss our students deeply*Buenos dias familia de Inmersión!*Espero que todos esten bien y seguros en casa. Otra semana!!!!!!!* Por favor, cuenten con todos nosotros si necesitan algo en casa, tanto académicamente o de cualquier otro tipo. Estamos pensando en vosotros continua ...Continue Reading

Week 20-24

April 17th 2020

Good morning Immersion Family!*I hope everyone is healthy and safe at home!*We will be sending a newsletter every week so everyone knows what's going on in all the classes.*We know these are tough times for everyone, and we don't want anyone to be stressed. *Please contact us at any time. Let us know if you need anything for the students or your family and please, keep in mind we are all a family and we are thinking of you.*We miss our students terribly and we can't wait to be all reunited again.*Let's keep doing o ...Continue Reading


February 28th 2020

MATHEMATICS-MRS.KALBFLEISCHQuiz on Tuesday, Word problems for circumference and area of circles SCIENCE-MRS.SOTOAmplify Plate Motion Internship- students design an alarm system for tsunamis SOCIAL STUDIES- MR. FESHOLDMain topic - Africa today, current events happening in Africa. Reading and comprehension activities. ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS- MR. DUNDAS7th Grade ELA will continue work with "The Last Dog" and then move into Poetry. SPANISH LANGUAGE ARTS-SITAThey will need to finish their project ...Continue Reading


February 21st 2020

SOCIAL STUDIES-MR.FESHOLDSeventh grade: Topic - European Imperialism in Africa. Reading and comprehension activities. MATHEMATICS-MRS.KALBFLEICHSStarting unit on circumference and area of a circle ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS- MR.DUNDASThey will use mixed media to revisit "Dark they were and Golden Eyed." SPANISH LANGUAGE ARTS- SITAWe are working in a project. They have the option to do it individually or with a partner.They need to research a Latin famous influential person and write a Biography in Pr ...Continue Reading


January 24th 2020

*SOCIAL STUDIES- MR.FESHOLD**Q3 *is all about the African Continent. Topic for the week: African Slave Trade and European Imperialism in Africa. We are going to be reading and writing about the topic.  *MATH-MRS.KALBFLEISH*AIRWAYS benchmark test on unit rates, constant of proportionality, and slope; start unit on inequalities. *SPANISH LANGAUGE ARTS-SITA*We will keep studying and practicing the Present tense in Spanish.They need to memorize everything because we will have a test soon.Their materials, journal, ...Continue Reading

This week in immersion

January 20th 2020

MATH-Mrs.KALBSFLEISCH7th Grade: Proportional relationships and finding unit rate from a table, graph, equation, or verbal description; Module 5 test will be the following week ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS-MR.DUNDASGrade 7 will read and Analyze "Dark They Were and Golden-eyed." SOCIAL STUDIES-MR.FesholdQ3 is all about the African continent.  We will begin with geography (physical and political maps). I will assess these maps individually from Monday to Wednesday.  SPANISH LANGUAGE ARTS-SITAWe ...Continue Reading


January 14th 2020

Students are taking the writing part of the STAMP test today. Yesterday they took the reading part and i am very happy with the results in general.Tell them how proud we are of them!!!!!!!!!!Tomorrow and Thursday they will take the listening and speaking part and we should be done.Thank you for your continous support to the Immersion program! Los estudiantes estan tomando la parte escrita del examen de STAMP hoy. Ayer hicieron la parte de lectura y estoy muy contenta con los resultados en general.Diganles lo orgull ...Continue Reading


January 10th 2020

*MATH- MRS.KALBFLEISH*7th Grade: Quiz on Tuesday over Unit Rates; working on learning slope the rest of the week. *SOCIAL STUDIES- MR. FESHOLD*Seventh Graders: Q3 is all about the African continent. We will begin with geography (physical and political maps). I will assess these maps individually from Monday to Wednesday.  *IMMERSION LANGUAGE ARTS-SITA*We will be taking the Immersion exam at district level. This exam is called STAMP. It has 4 different parts that assess the 4 different skills for a second langu ...Continue Reading
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