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Date: March 20th 2018

Hello, all!!  I hope your are doing well.  Here is an opportunity for your child(ren) during spring break:  The registration closes tomorrow.  I believe the cost is $10 per student with transportation available.  There is a 50 student limit so register today.  

Have you applied for 21st Century Scholars for your child yet?  Do it today!  This is a tuition scholarship to college that your child earns by staying drug free, crime free, and mainting a gpa above a 2.5.  Don't wait around, apply today.

Spring scheduling will happen after spring break during the week of April 9th.  When I have the date, I will share with you.  Students and parents will access Skyward and see the recommendations of classes for next year.  If changes are needed, a drop/ add electronic document can be completed.  If students have space to select electives, they will do so and add to the Skyward core (math, la, sci, ss) classes that already have been recommended.  Please know that what will appear in Skyward is not set in stone, it's what's recommended for next year. 

Grades have to be posted by midnight tonight, so feel free to look at Skyward tomorrow morning to see the progress of your child for the 3rd 9 weeks.  Only one more quarter to go, and you will have an 8th grader!!!!!!!!!!!  High school is just around the corner, so get ready!!!


Mrs. T. Brown


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